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Work With Huge Point Cloud Data at Ease

3D scan data (or Point Cloud data to the professionals) is often so massive and complex that it’s hard to store, view, and work with.

From the very start, here at Veesus, our mission has been to remove the difficulties surrounding the use of Point Cloud data, by providing products that are at the forefront of technology, never standing still and available to any user.

Over the years we have created a complete eco-system of products that allow you to capture, share, engineer and present. Utilising a highly efficient file format allows us to break down many common barriers to Point Cloud exploitation. All of this is available using a simple affordable monthly subscription.

Why Veesus?

Limitless data streaming

All our software is powered by the XStreamEngine, which enables you to view and work with Point Clouds of any size effortlessly – even when streaming from Zappcha.

Powerful tools

Even on standard computer hardware, Veesus software can easily edit, transform and annotate Point Cloud data – including complex animations – so you can get your work done to a high standard, professional results obtained time and time again.

End-to-end Point Cloud workflows

End-to-end Point Cloud workflows – Veesus software enables you to capture, view, edit, combine, mark-up, present and share. Wherever you are and whatever equipment you use a Veesus subcription enables you to maximise your Point Cloud resources.

Cloud Enabled

Powered by the Zappcha Cloud, all Veesus software can stream Point Cloud data on demand from the cloud with no loss of quality.

iOS Scanning App

Capturing Point Cloud data, was once only possible with highly specialised equipment, or complex photogrammetric processing methods. The Zappcha App lets owners of LiDAR enabled Apple iDevices, the ability to capture Point Clouds using the built in LIDAR. Built on the same technology as our desktop software the Zappcha App can also visualise limitless Point Clouds either from the local drive or the Zappcha Cloud.

A simple subscription

One monthly subscription fee gives you access to all our software. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.

Expert support

Veesus prides ourselves on working in partnership with businesses, and always being available to support our customers with any questions, problems, or ambitions they have!

What’s New?

Here at Veesus we have recently launched some exciting new features and updates!

These include –

  • Making our flagship software Arena4D and our VPC Creator OSX compatible. This version works with both Intel X86 and Apple ARM processors.
  • Adding our real-time lighting and shadows feature to Arena4D allowing you to create even more realistic stand-out animations and images!
  • Updating our CAD Plug-ins, enabling you to work with your point clouds faster than ever within popular software applications such as, Dassault Systemes SolidWorks, Mc Neels Rhino, AutoDesk Revit and CloudCompare.
  • Adding high quality screenshot settings to Arena4D, allowing you to produce the best looking Point Cloud images possible.
  • Releasing our Voxel Conversion Capability for Arena4D, which gives you the ability to convert your point clouds into 3D voxel models, which is great for importing into games such as Minecraft, and for using with 3D printing.
  • Intergrating our easy to follow user guides and steps within all of our software, meaning help is always to hand!
  • Launching our shiny, brand-new, super easy to navigate website!

Find out how using Veesus software enabled 3D Survey, Measurement & Spatial Data Consultants, Terra Measurement to create high quality visualisations with huge point cloud data, when existing software was struggling to deliver quality.

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