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One of the UK’s leading gas infrastructure companies has big plans for a net-zero future with its transition to hydrogen connections

National Gas Metering plays a vital role in construction projects of all types and sizes. Since 1986, the company has worked across industrial and commercial installations, spanning all pressure tiers and is now extending this expertise beyond natural gas to hydrogen, anticipating the transition to support the UK’s ambitious net-zero-emissions goals.

Formerly part of National Grid, National Gas Metering is now a stand-alone company. Although its name has changed, it’s still the same business – with the same capabilities and resources, and the same people providing outstanding levels of safety, service and engineering excellence.

Managing and maintaining over seven million metering installations, National Gas Metering is responsible for keeping a large proportion of the UK’s homes and businesses connected to gas networks.

Preparing for a cleaner future with Hydrogen

Looking ahead, National Gas Metering intends to remain one of the UK’s leading provider of gas-metering and infrastructure services. However, in the decades to come, the gas in question is likely to be hydrogen.

The company’s aim is to support any business wanting to make the transition to hydrogen. Consumers will still need safe and highly accurate metering equipment, which is connected to the source of distribution. This is the focus of National Gas’s Metering’s R&D activities, and it leverages its supply-chain partners to collaborate on developing the products needed to ensure accurate and effective hydrogen metering and connection. As natural-gas infrastructure changes to hydrogen infrastructure, National Gas Metering will be ready to help the country’s homes and businesses change with it.

Of course, natural gas will continue being used until the move over to hydrogen has taken place. National Gas Metering will provide services for both, using its knowledge and experience to help make the transition between them as smooth, and successful, as possible.

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