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Morrison Water Services boosting customer confidence in meter readings and cutting carbon

Morrison Water Services, the UK’s leading service provider in the water and wastewater infrastructure sector, is the first company in the UK to use Blicker, an artificial intelligence (AI) system which provides Thames Water and its customers with clear and right-first-time meter readings.

Morrison Water Services has been using this AI system to accurately decipher and display the meter readings and serial numbers within a photograph taken by the meter reader, all within a matter of seconds. This information extracted by Blicker from the image is then used to generate a more precise bill for the customer, ensuring they are not over-charged.

The use of Blicker allows for a far more efficient meter reading process, with the AI system removing the potential for human error when recording meter readings. All the reader needs to do is take a photo and the correct information will be recorded, avoiding possible repeat visits to take a second reading. This reduction in avoidable journeys is an important element in Morrison Water Services’ sustainability efforts, helping to reduce carbon and avoid unnecessary expenditure.

Andy Carter, Director of IT, Innovation and Improvement, commented: “Our successful use of Blicker is another great example of how our people at Morrison Water Services are exploring and embracing innovative digital technologies which create a multitude of benefits for our people, clients and customers.

“This progressive AI software has demonstrated efficiencies which are central to operating sustainably, while also ensuring a straightforward, high-quality client and customer experience. The social, environmental and operational benefits of Blicker have made its use fundamental to our operations on this contract. Cutting down on unnecessary and avoidable journeys is an important way in which we can minimise carbon output, and it is through these incremental gains that we can achieve our ambitious carbon reduction targets.”