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M621 preferred route announced to improve journeys into Leeds

The next step in a £55million scheme to give drivers safer and more reliable journeys into Leeds took a major step forward today.

Following a 6-week consultation held last year, 3 options were presented to the public on plans to improve this busy commuter route. The proposals included junction improvements between junction 1 and 7 and additional lanes at points along the route.

The preferred route includes a number of improvements which aim to reduce the causes of congestion on the M621. This includes widening the carriageway at junction 2, closing junction 2a anti-clockwise and installing improved technology and signs along the route. The anti-clockwise carriageway at junction 3 will also be widened from 1 to 2 lanes and the way the lanes merge at junction 3 will also be changed to give priority to traffic on the main carriageway.

Highways England project manager Sarah Kearns said: This is an exciting scheme and we look forward to moving this project to the next stage and improving the road for drivers heading into and out of Leeds. The option we have chosen to take forward will work well alongside the other transport and infrastructure projects taking place around the city.

Highways England is currently carrying out improvements between junction 3 and junction 6 on the M621 until May 2018 as part of vital work which needs to take place before we begin work on this major scheme.

The works include the installation of central reserve concrete barrier for safety reasons and renewal of verge barriers and drains.