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Lifting equipment: Your three-point checklist for success

No matter how long ago you took your test, there are three little words that probably still influence your driving to this very day: mirror-signal-manoeuvre.

Short and sweet, they provide a helpful way of remembering what you need to do to keep yourself (and others) safe on the road.

When it comes to lifting and handling, safety is an equally major concern, and getting that right all starts with good planning. Selecting the right equipment, for example, is a crucial part of minimising your safety risk.

At Alliance Tool Hire we’ve developed a quick three-point lifting checklist to help. It might not get etched into your memory quite like mirror-signal-manoeuvre, but we hope it’s a useful way of ensuring you get exactly what you need to get the job done safely.


It’s essential that the equipment you employ can comfortably cope with the load in question. With a range of products that stretches from 500kg hand chain blocks to 3 tonne electric chain hoists and large-scale 50-tonne modular lifting beams, Alliance can help you specify the right equipment for loads of practically every weight and type.


Our most popular hire items are the SLA range of manual hoists, typically used for lifting support beams or ducting into place. But the precise model you need will depend not just on the load but also on the Height of Lift (HOL). The SLA10, for example, delivers a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 454kg and a lifting height of 3m, while the SLA25 offers a SWL of 295kg and a lifting height of 7.5m.

You need to be fully confident that the equipment you are using is not only fit for purpose, but in a fit and proper condition. At Alliance Tool Hire, all our lifting equipment – whether hire or sale – comes with a six-month Report Of Thorough Examination (ROTE) certificate to give you complete peace of mind.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about the lifting and handling products available from Alliance Tool Hire, and how we can deliver the right mix of Capability-Elevation-Condition for your lifting application.

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