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Drug & Alcohol Use In Construction

Recent statistics have shown that the vast majority of those within the construction industry are concerned about drug and alcohol use in the workplace. With employee safety already a concern for those in the industry, due to the nature of the job, (with construction workers six times more likely to be killed at work than any other industry), throwing drugs and alcohol into the mix inevitably leads to increased accidents.

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for those found to be using drugs or alcohol to simply be let go and left to find another place of work. Then of course there are workers who continue to use yet manage to go undetected, even with random testing in the workplace. Not only are these workers putting themselves at risk, but they’re putting their colleagues at risk too.

What Can Be Done?

According to a recent Complete Construction Survey, around 40% of construction workers, contractors and suppliers believe that more needs to be done to help those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction within the industry to protect the individuals themselves as well as others working around those struggling with a substance abuse problem.

Aside from regular testing, regular workplace training is imperative when it comes to taking a healthy step forward. While more regular testing is of course important, it’s useless if the workplace carrying out said testing isn’t equipped to deal with those who are found to be using.

Rather than simply dismissing staff on site for drug and alcohol use, with the correct Drug & Alcohol Use In The Workplace training, companies will have the tools and resources necessary to help them, rather than dismiss and send them toward another construction site where their substance abuse may go undetected, putting others and themselves in danger.

Workplace Training Could Help

Workplace training is vital in today’s climate to ensure that those struggling with substance abuse aren’t putting themselves or their coworkers at risk. At Infinity Addiction Solutions, an addiction specialist based in numerous locations throughout Essex, there are several options for Workplace Training from Drug & Alcohol Misuse Training to Drug & Alcohol Workplace Policies as well as general Workplace Training.

With the help of specialist trainers from Infinity Addiction Solutions, construction companies throughout the UK could tackle the issue of drug and alcohol use in the workplace and help reduce, if not eradicate the risk and associated accidents.

Contact Infinity Addiction Solutions

If you’d like to find out more information on the training available from Infinity Addiction Solutions, and how they can assist construction companies just like yours, up and down the UK with their Drug & Alcohol Use In The Workplace Training, call today on 0800 334 5541.