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Asite integrates with ProjectWise via the Microsoft Power Automate platform

The new integration further expands the Asite Ecosystem and will help Asite users deliver better project outcomes

Asite is delighted to announce integration with ProjectWise via the Microsoft Power Automate connector which is available in the Asite Ecosystem.

The new integration will help users to enhance productivity and enable higher quality design phase collaboration by automating time-consuming manual tasks and building workflows with very little effort.

Through the development of Asite Ecosystem Connectors for the Microsoft Power Automate platform, Asite has enabled a simple click, drag, and drop interface for the ProjectWise integration, helping to enhance project outcomes.

Devendra Gera, Asite Chief Technology Officer, said:

“At Asite, we are continuing to expand the Asite Ecosystem and improve the Asite Platform experience for all of our customers.

Our latest integration with ProjectWise via the Microsoft Power Automate connector is part of this strategic push, and we are incredibly excited about this development. ProjectWise is in use by many companies in the supply chains of our government and infrastructure customers. This connector enhances our customer’s ability to exchange data in an open way between all stakeholders on their capital projects to drive better outcomes across the project lifecycle.

The integration also opens our platform up to a number of other connectors as part of our broader connection with Microsoft Power Automate, further enhancing our platform offering and providing our users with all of the tools they need to help their projects flourish.”

Asite users can now connect to their account and data, stored on the Asite Platform, with ProjectWise platform via connectors.

These connectors allow Asite users to transfer files bi-directionally between Asite and other connectors. Users can also transfer valuable metadata that can be assigned to files in Asite, including system attributes, such as doc title or revision number, and custom attributes, such as the ISO 19650 compliant naming convention.

Each connector offers a set of operations classified as ‘Triggers’ and ‘Actions’.

Triggers are used to provide notifications and data when an event occurs, including the publishing of documents, changing of document statuses, editing of attributes, and many more. Asite’s comprehensive workflow engine supports several trigger conditions and events.

Actions are changes directed by a user, for example, uploading or downloading a file or setting or getting file metadata.

Through this integration with ProjectWise, Asite is now available in Microsoft’s Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) as a connector, opening Asite up to an array of solutions on Microsoft Power Automate, including ProjectWise, Sharepoint, Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Asite is currently working with the Environment Agency to trial the ProjectWise integration and support information exchange between the two CDEs. This integration represents a significant step forward in the industry’s quest to allow automated information exchange between CDEs as the inability to do so remains a sore point for many projects. The Asite Ecosystem includes major software products with open APIs such as Microsoft Power BI, 3D Repo, Bluebeam Studio, and many others. Asite’s open ecosystem for the digital built environment is made up of partners, service providers, and channel partners who are working alongside Asite to help capital projects across the globe to build better.