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Data security in construction: what you need to know.

With the world becoming increasingly digital, cybersecurity has emerged as one of the most critical elements of every company’s business strategy. Central to the rise and rapid growth of the cybersecurity industry is the ever-evolving role data plays in the global economy. With more of the world connected by internet technologies, data has become the critical commodity harvested by companies and governments to optimise everything from major public policy down to the consumer decisions people make every day. 

The construction industry has ridden this datafication wave as well. Digital technologies have taken over construction, architecture and engineering just as they have every other sector. Such growth in digital technologies – and, by extension, data – in the construction industry comes with significant cybersecurity risks. The construction industry has become a top target for cybercriminals all over the world. Hackers intent on breaching organisations’ data systems and extorting them for significant amounts of money are increasingly keen on targeting the construction industry.

The construction industry is inarguably one of the most important sectors in the global economy.

The buildings, homes, infrastructure and other associated structures it produces are central to human life on earth and a functioning and civilised society.  As such, it is increasingly critical that as the world –and the construction industry – continues to become more interconnected through the proliferation of data and the technologies that allow for its efficient transfer and use, the industry takes a leading role in protecting itself and its stakeholders from the serious threats posed by cybercriminals. The risk of inaction is simply too great to ignore.

In this paper, provided by Bluebeam, we’ll discuss why construction companies need to bolster their defenses – and how they can get started.

Topics include:

  • Reasons why the construction industry is a top hacker target
  • How construction firms can secure their data and bolster their overall cybersecurity
  • The importance of a shared responsibility model

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