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Can the carbon-heavy construction sector really change its spots?

The inaugural episode of Lignacite’s Building Matters podcast tackles the challenges and changes facing the construction sector on the road to greater sustainability.

Sustainability is the buzzword on everyone’s lips right now, but how does a sector as carbon-heavy as construction change its spots, scrub up and meet demanding net zero targets?

These are the burning issues explored in Lignacite’s new Building Matters podcast, which plays host to a panel of architects from leading UK practices and members of the block manufacturer’s team.

In this episode, Lignacite’s chairman, Giles de Lotbiniere, is joined by Michael Vanoli of AMA Architects, Adam West of CZWG Architects, and Lignacite’s Chief Operating Officer, Nick Franks. They sit down together to pull apart the thorny question of change and take a deep dive into the steps that are needed to guide the design and construction sector towards a more sustainable future.


Catch up on the episode now to hear their thoughts on:

  • Education: Why is it crucial to have conversations about sustainability? And where can established professionals gain access to the information they need to confidently talk about it?
  • Value: How can the industry tackle the negative cost perception of sustainability and ensure that it is not watered down in final plans?
  • Governance: Who should be in charge of the seismic shift towards sustainable construction? Developers? Architects? Manufacturers? Or should we rely upon governing bodies to push the industry towards a greener future?
  • Accountability: Where does the buck stop?
  • Predictions for the future: Is it possible that sustainable design will one day be a given rather than an added feature?


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