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Construction is as exciting as Formula 1, says Skanska UK Executive Vice President Katy Dowding

To mark National Inclusion Week, Katy Dowding has talked openly about her thirty-year career in the sector, in a candid interview for the latest Skanska UK podcast.

She says the sector offers a career as exciting as that of Formula 1, and that people’s ideas about the industry are out of date. As an illustration, she points to a covergence between the construction sector and the computer gaming industry.

She describes the challenges she faced early on in her career – when, at times, she would be the only woman working on a construction site.

Dowding says there has been a sea change in the industry since then, and it offers a great career whatever a person’s gender, background or beliefs.

The full podcast is here.

The Skanska UK podcast is a series of conversations that features different guests and topics related to the construction industry.

Skanska UK is supporting National Inclusion Week, as part of its continuing focus on being a more inclusive employer, together with breaking down barriers that hinder diversity.

A key element of its strategic vision is to create an inclusive environment where everyone can bring their whole self to work.