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Why Get A Loft Conversion Over An Extension?

When it comes to extending one’s home, it often comes down to one simple question; should I go for a loft conversion or an extension? For some, this can be one of the most difficult decisions to make, but to help you stop running around in circles, we’ve listed below multiple reasons why a loft conversion in London wins hands down, every single time.

Can You Have A Loft Conversion?

First and foremost, before we list the benefits of a loft conversion over a regular extension, it’s of course worthy to note the fact that your loft must be eligible for a conversion. Is the loft itself big enough? Does it offer enough head room in the pitch of the loft itself? One way to have your loft evaluated, is to invite an expert to your home. 

At Clapham Construction Service, you can enjoy a free no-obligation consultation that will consist of a member of their team taking a look at the space you have available. They’ll be able to give you their expert opinion with regards to the space you have as well as what type of loft conversion would be better suited to your home as well as your end goal.

The Benefits Of A Loft Conversion

With that in mind, let’s take a look at why so many are opting for a loft conversion over extensions, from space to cost; the reasons are numerous.

Increase Your Property Space

One of the biggest reasons people choose loft conversions over extensions every time is for the simple fact that you increase the space within your property without having to sacrifice any of your outdoor space, which as we all know in London, can be limited at the best of times. It makes use of otherwise dead space that up until now will likely have been used to store old Christmas decorations amongst a whole host of junk that you simply haven’t got around to throwing out just yet. 

Create Fabulous Views

With a loft conversion, you’re essentially creating a room with one of the most beautiful views in your entire home. For the vast majority of us, our street windows look directly out on to other houses. With a loft conversion however, you get to enjoy the beauty of the horizon as your new loft conversion windows allow you to view above other homes and take in the distance ahead. You’ll be surprised at just how much your views will change when you enjoy just a little extra height.

Take Advantage Of Natural Light

Whether you opt for a dormer loft conversion or a simple Velux loft conversion, you’re going to enjoy the addition of natural light. Forget other properties shadowing the windows to your room and instead enjoy direct sunlight from the sky straight through your window all day long. That’s a huge advantage that home extensions simply can’t offer.

Save Time & Money

It’s no secret that extensions are an expensive investment. From the planning stages to the initial footings and drainage, all the way through to the roof and internal construction. They also take an incredibly long time as the construction involved is usually far more in-depth. 

With a loft conversion however, you’re simply making use of space that’s already there which cuts construction time considerably. It also cuts costs for the simple fact that as mentioned above, you’re making use of space and construction that’s already there. Instead of having to dig footings and clear an area ready for building on, you’re building on or in some cases, amending a construction that’s already in place.

Contact Clapham Construction Service

If you’d like more information on loft conversions in London, we highly recommend contacting the loft conversion specialists Clapham Construction Service. Not only have they been carrying out home extensions and loft conversions in London for over twenty years but they’ve become loft conversion specialists within London’s narrow streets. 

From your local council to the best type of loft conversions for your style home, they’re the experts you need to ensure a quality finish every time. Call 0203 950 7957 today.