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Where are you and where do you want to be?

Female architect using mobile phone while working at construction site

by Danny McGough, Lecturer in BIM,

School of Energy, Construction and Environment, Coventry University

One of my friends, a senior manager, in Dubai is facing a big dilemma: he has recruiters scouring the planet, but he just can’t find the right talent for his bridge-building projects. At the risk of expensive delays on ambitious and time-sensitive projects, construction companies across the world have to increasingly confront this quandary.

But this dearth may actually be a very prospective time for existing construction professionals to step up. Now, this is where my academic colleagues and myself at Coventry University step in. Whether you are a working parent juggling multiple responsibilities or a professional with an uncompromising schedule, we have created courses specifically designed to flexibly fit with modern work patterns, workloads and family commitments. These aren’t class-room courses that have simply been swapped online; they are designed by a team of specialists for an immersive and engaging learning experience within a 100% online space.

Our online MSc Construction Management with BIM course has a very strong focus on Building Information Modelling. Students utilise real life construction scenarios and engage in role-play to develop their skillsets. They acquire crucial collaborative capabilities in using several digital construction and communication platforms. Scenario-based learning is a critical tool in preparing them for the challenges of the professional world and progressing in their career.

Having seen the fall of several construction empires in recent years, we recognise that a strong understanding of project financials amongst managers can strengthen the foundations of a company. Our online MSc Construction Project & Cost Management course focusses on developing these core skills. It gives the learner an in-depth understanding of accounting and financial principles and use of financial information to analyse problems and assess performance in construction. This is perfect for those currently working in quantity surveying or looking to move into this field.

Our students interact with peers from across the world and share their project experiences on a platform that is truly social. Each learner receives dedicated academic, technical and pastoral support from a devoted and skilled student-facing team. So I hope it will be not long before my friend notices a great tide of skilled professionals coming his way.