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Webfleet, Bridgestone’s globally trusted fleet management solution

Webfleet is the trusted global fleet management solution of Bridgestone, relied on by over 60,000 businesses worldwide. As a powerful tool for fleet managers, it helps optimise operations, enhance efficiency and safety, and promote sustainable practices. For more than two decades, Webfleet has empowered fleet managers to take control of their fleets with a comprehensive suite of tools that includes vehicle tracking, driver behaviour monitoring, route optimisation, and fuel management. These features allow fleet managers to keep a close eye on their operations, identify issues, and implement changes to improve performance.

More than just a fleet management solution. It is a tool that aligns with the broader mission of Bridgestone Mobility Solutions to foster sustainable mobility practices globally. It supports Bridgestone’s E8 Commitment, which aims to deliver value to society, customers, and future generations across eight critical areas, including energy, ecology, efficiency, extension, economy, emotion, ease, and empowerment. This overarching commitment is the guiding force behind every strategic priority, decision, and action taken by the organisation, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to sustainability and responsible corporate citizenship.

Construction firms are leveraging telematics solutions such as Webfleet to give purpose to their data, using it in the strategic planning and evaluation of construction projects to enhance operational efficiency. By accessing real-time data from their machinery and vehicles, firms can optimise maintenance planning while gaining deeper insights into asset utilisation. This initiative-taking approach enables them to streamline processes and make informed decisions for improved project outcomes; whilst simultaneously increasing security.

The benefits of construction companies leveraging Webfleet fleet management software:

Always know where your construction assets and vehicles are

By using a vehicle tracking system, you can effectively manage resources and optimise your work processes by knowing the precise whereabouts of vehicles, assets and staff.

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Reduce costs with real-time monitoring and insights

The ability to detect potential issues before they escalate into more costly problems allows for swift action and prevents unnecessary repairs and downtime.

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Digitise working time recording

With the automation of trip registration, working hours tracking, and driver identification through a digital mileage logbook, administrative tasks are simplified, ensuring efficient workforce management.

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Protect your valuable assets and vehicles 24/7

As construction sites are often targeted by criminals, incorporating telematics provides an extra layer of protection by offering visibility and instant notifications for vehicles or assets leaving predefined areas.

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Seamless business system integration

Effortlessly incorporate your external business applications and devices with Webfleet’s hardware and fleet management software to establish your desired workflow. For instance, link third-party hardware for driver identification or merge the PRO 8475 Driver Terminal with other applications to facilitate barcode scanning and the capture of digital signatures.

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Discover how you can maximise your construction fleet by boosting your efficiency and securing your assets with Webfleet.