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SSS Passport – Be part of the solution not the ongoing problem!

SSS Passport team would like to wish you all a very, happy, healthy and safe New Year.

Here’s to continued success to businesses new and old, to building new relationships and strengthening the ones we have and to positive minds coming together for the greater good.

The SSS Passport team would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming positive support as we joined the fire door community. Your encouraging comments have certainly confirmed the necessity for the Passport.

The new required high standard of education and monitored performance SSS provide is creating much needed awareness and considered interest, which is exactly what the industry has been waiting for.

We only launched SSS Passport a week before Christmas and are already extremely proud to announce our very first Founder Members who are raising the bar and setting new standards as part of the new SSS Fire Door Responsible Actors Scheme and National Register. (FDRASNR). You are now part of the Solution not the ongoing problems, thank you.

Vision West Notts College

“Vision West Notts College are proud to hold a founder membership and partner with SSS Passport on the Fire Door Passport Scheme. In partnering with SSS Passport, Vision West Notts College are endeavoring to develop the future work force of the fire door industry, to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to enable improvement across the industry, for the future.”

Andrew Cropley, Principal and Chief Executive Officer
Phil Clark, Assistant Principal Construction, Building Services Engineering, Civil Engineering and Rail Engineering
Member since December 2023

NHS Property Services

“NHS Property Services Ltd are proud to be SSS Passports first founder member to facilitate the highest standard of fire door installation inspection and maintenance in line with the recommendations within Dame Judith Hackett’s independent review of British Regulations and Fire Safety. The NHS Property Services will be upskilling their In-House Colleagues, and contract partners to achieve this third-party accreditation within all installation, maintenance and inspection activities related to fire doors to support the fire safety of patients, staff and visitors.”

David Holmes, Programme Manager – Fire Compartmentation
Member since December 2023

ABCA Fire & Security

“ABCA are proud to be a Founder Member of the SSS Passport. For over 35 years we have strived to maintain and deliver the highest standards in industry for our fire door installers, maintainers and inspectors. Our number 1 priority is customers’ safety. Our accreditations endorse the quality of our business and gives peace of mind to our customers that they have employed trusted experts, who will ensure they remain compliant to required standards and regulations. Being part of the SSS Fire Door Responsible Actors Scheme and National register demonstrates our commitment not only to our clients but to all our employees CPD and own personal high standards. We believe that the SSS Passport is finally addressing many issues the fire door industry faces with the lack of competency by raising the standards and partnering with VWNC in the delivery of the new City & Guilds practical classroom courses.”

ABCA – “Part of the solution not the ongoing problems”.

Phil Miller, Managing Director
Member since December 2023

Rutland Door Control

“We’re always interested in any fresh initiatives or schemes in the marketplace that contribute to, enhance life safety at every fire door , and that’s why we’re pleased to support the SSS Passport concept.”

Neil Smith | Rutland, Certification, Compliance & Marketing Director
Member since December 2023

Juma Fire Doors & Compartmentation

“Juma Fire Doors & Compartmentation are proud to be one of the founding members of the SSS Passport scheme. Fire safety is our number one priority delivering only the very highest standards in installation and maintenance.”

Matthew Hoyes, Director
Member since December 2023

SSS exciting new collaborations and partnerships.

We have made it very clear from the start that SSS are keen to collaborate and partner with like minded people in industry. We sincerely believe that industry influencers must come together with their combined skill sets and join forces to create the most effective change.

We invite anyone appalled by the current 75% failure rate on inspection of fire doors to join us in creating a safer environment for people in this country to live, work and visit.

2024 will showcase the numerous innovative projects we are working on with new collaborators, amazing companies, leaders in their field wanting to be at the forefront of change.

February 2024 launches our SSS Passport App and Profile Checker, here is an insight of whats to come.

Monitoring every individual and company who becomes a member of the SSS Passport (FDRASNR) is no mean feat. In order to maintain our high standards, we have created the SSS Passport App. A secure digital space providing all members access to monitor their CPD, additional course work support, legislation updates, door data information and much more. The SSS App is also available in various languages. The App will be yours free of charge with your membership.

Our SSS profile checker is a valuable tool for the wider community. Anyone who requires fire door installation, maintenance or inspection will be able to utilise our easy-to-use tool to either find a reputable fire door company from our national register or to check the credentials of each individual they have on site. This will give peace of mind, your project is being completed by a SSS Passport member.

We will be showcasing the app and profile checker in the March edition.