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TSA steps up the campaign to halt equipment theft in construction

The Survey Association (TSA) is sharing its latest anti-theft Briefing Note with the wider construction and engineering industry in a bid to deter opportunistic crime and aid the recovery of stolen equipment.­­­­­

A new document, endorsed by crime prevention experts, SmartWater contains information to help companies review their security, with advice on safeguarding high value survey instruments routinely targeted by thieves.

The free to download Briefing Note, includes strategies to protect equipment from theft whilst onsite and when transported in a vehicle.

In addition, and also free to download, is a checklist for employees that could be shared on staff noticed boards. If a theft occurs, personal safety and obtaining good evidence should be the main considerations.

Both documents and others on a range of technical topics can be downloaded at

A three-year agreement between TSA and SmartWater, sponsored by the leading manufacturers, is the first, co-ordinated response to thieves that persistently target surveyors.

Information submitted through SmartWater’s Intelligence Portal is shared with the police to identify crime hotspots, emerging crime trends and possible links to current investigations.

TSA manager Rachel Tyrrell said, “Theft of equipment is not limited to the surveying profession which is why we are sharing our crime prevention advice with the wider industry.

“TSA Members, non-Member companies, and those in the wider construction and engineering industry, can download our documents and report incidents of theft through the Intelligence Portal to ensure the whole picture is captured.”

To submit information on equipment theft email TSA