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The ECOLIT Eco-Friendly Construction System

My name is Denis Lozenko, I am the founder of the global construction company ECOLIT and I will tell you how we invented a revolutionary solution for insulating a cold steel frame.

Since we live in an era of natural disasters and a rapidly changing climate, many people have a distrust of the frame type of construction due to the fragility of structures. My team and I have been looking for a solution to this problem for a long time. We wanted to create the effect of a solid monolithic building. 

We started experimenting with pouring concrete into the body of the framing wall. Here we are faced with such a phenomenon as metal corrosion. In a normal situation, zinc coating on steel protects it from corrosion, but prolonged contact with ordinary concrete constantly causes corrosion and, as a result, subsequent destruction. 

We worked on the recipe for a long time and eventually created a modified foam concrete. This is a dry mix that is supplied by our factory and is mixed with water directly on the construction site in our mobile machine. After thorough mixing, the resulting mixture increases several times and is ready for use.We pour the foam concrete into the wall by 40 cm. Then it is necessary to let the mixture dry for a day and continue pouring up to the rafter system. 

The result is a protective shell of the building, which cuts off all cold bridges and creates the effect of a monolithic building. In this case, the total cost of construction is the same as if the building was insulated with mineral wool.

We have been using this technology for over 15 years and I can confidently speak about its advantages over other types of construction.

Foam concrete is an almost eternal material that is not affected by time. One of its main properties is moisture resistance. From foam concrete, a building material is obtained with a low volumetric weight, but with good bearing capacity. 

I will list a few of the main benefits:

  • Microclimate – not afraid of dampness, protects from the heat in summer.
  • High speed of filling walls and floors.
  • High sound absorption capacity.
  • Environmental friendliness – foam concrete does not emit toxic substances.
  • Ease of processing allows you to bring to life the most daring design decisions.
  • Efficiency – the cost of foam concrete is much lower than other technologies, but, in addition, thanks to its lightweight, it is possible to save on the foundation and on transportation.
  • The first degree of fire resistance.
  • Foam concrete goes well with any other material.
  • Our foam concrete has a unique recipe, which we are constantly working on to further improve its performance.
  • In addition, the technology allows you to hide all communications inside the walls, which significantly saves space inside the object and looks more minimalist.

If you are interested in our technology, then you can always contact me and I will tell you in detail all the nuances, as well as how you can become our partner and use foam concrete at your construction site.

Denis Lozenko: