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Survey Equipment: Do you know your CAT from your genny?

At Alliance Tool Hire, we offer an extensive range of survey equipment, all of it designed to answer two key customer requirements: accuracy and safety.

Accuracy in terms of the various measuring tools we offer, such as laser levels, and safety in terms of the CATs (cable avoidance tools) and Gennys (signal generators) that help customers detect and steer clear of underground services.

In recent times, one of those two elements seems to have slipped worryingly down the priority list, however, with the Health & Safety Executive registering 475 cable-strike incidents between July and September 2020 – a figure that is up 20% on the previous year and 46% on the previous quarter.

Separate data from the Energy Networks Association points out that almost a third (31%) of construction workers admitted to not always checking for underground electricity cables before beginning work. And that’s despite 93% believing they always dig safely. Our advice is to stay safe by making sure you really know your CAT from your genny.


CATs make site surveys simpler by using radio detection to pick up the signal from underground cabling and pipework. As well as standard CAT 4 detection devices, there are versions with data logging capability (eCAT 4) and those that also track GPS location data (gCAT 4).


With a CAT alone, you won’t pick up every type of cable that might be present underground. Signal generators are dual-frequency transmitters that enable a CAT to detect cables and pipes that don’t generate their own natural signal, such as three-phase cables.

Of course, if you have any questions about CATs, Gennys or any of our other surveying equipment, our knowledgeable staff are here to help. It’s about making sure you have everything you need to get the job done accurately and safely.

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