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Navigating the New Building Regulations (Amendment) 2023: Building Control’s Role in Assisting Stakeholders

The ever-evolving landscape of construction regulations demands constant adaptation and collaboration between stakeholders. In the United Kingdom, the Building Regulations (Amendment) 2023 bring forth significant changes aimed at enhancing safety, sustainability, and efficiency in the built environment. Building control professionals play a crucial role in guiding clients, principal designers, and principal contractors through these changes to ensure compliance. In this article, we will explore the building control perspective on assisting stakeholders in meeting their requirements under the new Building Regulations (Amendment) 2023, as well as reviewing Stroma Building Control’s key commitments to you, as our client.

1. Early Engagement for Clarity

Stroma Building Control encourage early engagement with clients, principal designers, and principal contractors as this initial contact provides a platform for stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of the new regulations and their implications for the project. It’s an opportunity to set expectations, discuss compliance strategies, and address any concerns that may arise during the project. With over 44 years of experience as a company, you can be sure that we will have the right person for your project.

2. In-Depth Regulatory Knowledge

Building control professionals should be well-versed in the intricacies of the amended regulations. As professionals, the entire team are currently undergoing the statutory competence tests as set out by the Building Safety Act 2023 to ensure that they are ready to provide the functions you require for the schemes that you present us with. Our teams are dedicated to stay up-to-date with the changes and be able to offer expert guidance to clients and project teams. Workshops, training sessions, and information sharing can help ensure that all stakeholders are aware of their responsibilities and the specific requirements of the new regulations – we offer CPD sessions for any further knowledge that you require.

3. Tailored Compliance Roadmaps

Each construction project is unique, and compliance requirements may vary accordingly. Stroma Building Control commit to work collaboratively with clients, principal designers, and principal contractors to develop tailored compliance roadmaps. These roadmaps outline the regulatory milestones and ensure that all parties are on the same page regarding compliance objectives and deadlines.

4. Streamlined Documentation Processes

Compliance with the Building Regulations (Amendment) 2023 involves extensive documentation. Stroma Building Control offer guidance on the documentation requirements and provide templates or checklists to simplify the process. This ensures that the necessary paperwork is complete and submitted accurately. With 15 offices located nationwide, Stroma Building Control provide a local approach to handling your projects from start to finish.

5. Continuous Monitoring and Support

Throughout the project, Stroma Building Control commit to conduct regular site inspections to monitor compliance. These inspections serve not only as compliance checks but also as opportunities for proactive problem-solving. Any deviations or issues can be addressed promptly, reducing the risk of costly delays. Boasting 170 qualified surveyors across England and Wales, you can be sure that we will always be on hand to support you on site when required.

6. Efficient Review and Approval

Clients and project teams rely on timely approvals and certifications to keep their projects on track. Stroma Building Control prioritise efficient review processes, ensuring that reviews are conducted promptly and that any requested revisions are communicated clearly. Transparent communication about the progress of reviews helps manage expectations.

7. Flexibility and Conflict Resolution

Construction projects can encounter unexpected challenges that require flexibility and creative solutions. Stroma Building Control approach these situations with an open mind and a focus on finding compliant and practical resolutions that align with the project’s objectives where viable.

8. Post-Completion Compliance Checks

After construction is complete, Stroma Building Control conduct post-completion compliance checks to ensure that the as-built conditions match the approved plans. These audits help identify and rectify any discrepancies, ensuring that the project fully complies with the Building Regulations (Amendment) 2023.


The Building Regulations (Amendment) 2023 represent a commitment to improving construction standards and safety. Proactive building control professionals are instrumental in facilitating compliance and supporting clients, principal designers, and principal contractors throughout the construction process. Their expertise, early engagement, tailored guidance, and proactive monitoring contribute to the successful implementation of these regulations. In collaboration with all stakeholders, Stroma Building Control look to play a pivotal role in shaping a safer, more sustainable, and compliant construction industry in the UK as the leading Approved Inspector across England and Wales.

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