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Promeasure: Designed to take the pain out of any measuring task

Promeasure offers the most advanced technology for measuring spaces and objects in relation to the construction and interior design industry. Promeasure is the first measuring tool ever designed to provide laser, rolling-wheel and tilt sensor measuring features in a single handheld device. It’s dust-proof, water-proof and hard as nails. It uses voice activated technology, electric level bubbles and automatically stores measured values.

How does it work:

Promeasure is very simple to use. The interface has 8 buttons which allows you to have control of every feature while the screen displays your measurements and saves the information by default.

It can reach distances of up to 60m (196.85ft) thanks to the laser-guided measurement system and will give you the full range of a construction site and the capability to take quick measurements from one spot. The best part is, measuring tape is no longer needed!

The in-built tilt measurement system helps you record slope, angles, elevation or depression of an object by placing the Promeasure flat. Everything is logged and saved digitally. It’s also easily-accessed from the app meaning none of your measurements will be lost.

The wheel roller is a very effective and precise way to measure distances and makes taking small surfaces measurements a doddle! Simply place the wheel on any surface and move the tool along. It’s that simple!

Promeasure gives you flexibility over the way you work thanks to the range of measuring features it has. You can take long-range dimensions quickly, accurately and without risk with our laser feature whilst our in-built tilt sensor tackles the need for a spirit level and records everything digitally.

Promeasure story:

The founder of Promeasure Charley Kish, is a well-established entrepreneur who started his previous business from scratch and has grown it to become a very successful UK business in the Home & Kitchen sector.

The idea behind Promeasure came about when Charley hired a team of builders to renovate his house. He watched the designer running around his living room with his measuring tape, spending close to one hour collecting all the details on a notepad. Despite taking down ‘pinpoint measurements’, the builders struggled to gain an accurate estimation of the layouts. So, Charley decided to come up with the Promeasure tool, something that’s easy to use, trustworthy and will simplify the job of construction workers whilst giving precise results.


The construction industry will benefit tremendously by Promeasure’s simple yet effective method of taking precise measurements and will save time and money.

Health & safety are also obvious concerns across all of the UK’s industries, but it’s of particular importance within the construction industry where the fatality rate is four times higher than in other industries.

The trapezoid use of Promeasure has been designed and developed with the end user in mind, covering all the bases. There will no longer be any need for ladders, and no concerns over an injured party making a claim.

Great technology can save you time and money and the Promeasure is no exception. Many builders still use shabby pencils, worn out notebooks and wonky measuring tapes. The need for reliable, trustworthy tools has never been higher! Promeasure will lighten up the load of your average construction worker by substantially cutting out tape measuring time.

The tool has been tested by by multiple structural engineers, joineries, plumper’s, gardener’s and builder’s and they all agreed that the tool is very accurate, fast and simple to use and makes taking measurements a breeze! You can recharge the device very easily, just as you would with your phone using a USB.

End note:

Like every Master carpenter/ construction worker will tell you ‘’measuring twice and cutting once’’ is what every single construction professional lives by. Pin point precision is what the Promeasure tool brings to the table and that’s one of the many reasons why Promeasure is leading the way when it comes to progression in the construction and interior design industry.

It’s going to be the first and last tool you will ever need to use when it comes to measuring. You will no longer need to spend hours upon hours trying to get the perfect measurements. This means no more pencils stuck behind your ear or carrying around worn notebooks.

Promeasure is the future of measuring.