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Prettys outlines why it’s essential to make a lawyer part of your toolkit

The construction industry is booming. 2018 alone saw work valued at over £100 billion take place in the UK and the number of construction firms operating in the country rose by 6.2%.*

In addition to the usual tools and equipment you’d expect to find in the toolkit of any operator in the industry there is something extra that needs to be considered to give your business the ultimate edge: a lawyer.

The construction industry contends with a wide range of legal issues, each of which needs addressing swiftly by practitioners with a thorough understanding of that industry**. This is where leading law firm Prettys steps in.

Based in Ipswich, the firm has experts in all areas of commercial law and an experienced Construction team that can provide responsive support on the full breadth of matters faced by businesses throughout the supply chain, both contentious and non-contentious.

Rebecca Palmer, Senior Associate in Prettys’ Construction team gave her insights into how a lawyer can become an integral part of the toolkit of construction businesses of every tier of the supply chain.

Solutions not problems

Prettys’ lawyers tackle a variety of construction-based legal issues on a daily basis – from reviewing, negotiating and finalising documentation, to analysing the client’s position in respect of a brewing dispute and navigating the client through next steps.

A client’s needs determine Prettys’ approach – sometimes the appropriate tools are a chisel and some sandpaper; on other occasions an axe may be called for!  Whatever the requirements, the team offers a bespoke package of services and a client-centred approach.

The Construction team’s members make sure they are available for those ad hoc queries and present clients with solutions, not problems.

Regular communication

Prettys differentiates itself from competitors by delivering tailored solutions in a jargon-free way. This ensures letters are moulded to fit how they talk to their clients so that delivery is packaged in a manner that works for the client’s business.

This could mean short emails with straight to the point bullets, phone calls or face-to-face visits. As well as this, to take away any administrative burden from the client, the team will ghost-write letters of correspondence on their behalf.

Going above and beyond

For many clients, Prettys acts as an instantly available helpline for any construction law issues they may have. The firm is very much an extension of its clients’ businesses.

Price transparency is key. Prettys prioritises certainty for its clients and steers clear from issuing invoices that contain surprises. But it’s the level of support the client requires that dictates the level of input supplied – sometimes clients need urgent support, on other occasions all that is required is a quick chat and corroboration on an approach.

Fighting for clients

Prettys always puts clients’ interests at the forefront of everything it does. It is important to get the balance right between being approachable and friendly and being able to go into that tense negotiation ready to fight the client’s corner and achieve a timely solution. Prettys will not let clients be bullied.

Moulding its service to match the needs of each and every client, Prettys’ lawyers pride themselves on being more than just providers of legal advice. Instead, they quickly become an extension of the clients’ own teams and share with everyone they work with the benefits of:

  • industry-leading advice;
  • commercial insight;
  • cost effective solutions;
  • one-to-one support; and
  • exemplary levels of flexible, prompt and responsive service.