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Portuguese Natural Stone, a very competitive sector

The Portuguese natural stone sector,including extraction and processing, based on data provided by the INE (Portuguese Statistic Institute), in 2020 had a total turnover of more than 1.023 billion Euros with an average growth rate since 2017 of 4%.

The Universe of the companies represented by ANIET (Portuguese association of the extractive and manufacturing industry),that includes all the extractive sector (quarries, mines and manufacturing) had a turnover of more than 3.200 billion Euros according to the same source.

The Portuguese natural stone sector is committed to the safety of workers and populations, environmental safety, sustainability. Environmental liabilities are recovered, waste is reduced, reused, recycled.

According to Jorge Mira Amaral, ANIET´s President:

“We have all the bases for Portuguese natural stone to become a bigger success, as it is being, and we also have the conviction that we can expand it. We have unique mineral resources, we have a huge variety, we have qualified companies to transform all the extraction of natural stone and therefore I don’t think we can demand more of the territory we have. So we can go all over the world to put our stone in the best monuments in the world.”

At this moment, Portuguese Natural Stone is represented in more than 120 countries. Wherever the requirement in terms of material quality, work and delivery capacity, or the greatest challenges to design and realization are realities.  

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