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New animated installation video for the Helifix Dixie micro-pile

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Helifix has created a new animation which shows step by step installation procedures for its versatile Dixie micro-pile. The animation clearly demonstrates how these high performance micro-piles can be used either to stabilise existing buildings that are suffering from subsidence or to help form secure and level foundations for new constructions.


The animation can be viewed at


The well proven and technically advanced Dixie micro-pile is backed by International Code Council (ICC) certification and conforms to AC358, the International Standard for helical foundation underpinning systems. Dixie micro-piles combine with the Helibeam masonry stabilisation system to provide a complete structural repair solution which economically and sympathetically restores full structural integrity as all repairs, both above and below ground, are fully concealed.


The Helifix Dixie micro-pile design combines a circular pipe pile with square connections. This gives higher torsional strength, eliminates shaft twist or buckling, simplifies the engagement of pile sections and accelerates installation. It also allows for higher ultimate loads up to 240kN and each installed pile can be load tested.


Helifix Dixie micro-piles provide a fully engineered and cost-effective solution to the problem of foundation settlement while avoiding the major disruption and costs of extensive excavations. Simple, but extremely effective, Helifix Dixie piles are ‘screwed’ into the ground down to the load bearing strata, a bracket is then fitted and the pile is jacked up beneath the foundations to support the building’s weight and prevent further settlement. Excavations are minimal, installation normally only requires lightweight hand-held equipment, noise levels are low and the occupants, who can remain in residence, experience very little disruption.


Helifix engineers assess each situation and design repairs based on the damage, the weight of the individual property and the local ground conditions. Fully trained contractors supply and install the systems.


For project-specific technical advice contact the Helifix team on 020 8735 5200 or go to for all Helifix technical product datasheets and over 100 standard Repair Details, covering all common structural masonry faults.



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