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Research shows that 80% growing to 90% of all voice and data traffic is generated in-doors and that one third of mobile users suffer poor or no indoor reception at home or at their work site. The problem is commonly down to modern construction materials and they in fact exhibit different levels of signal attenuation at altering frequencies.

NETCS are extraordinarily aware of this problem and are building bespoke solutions deployed as temporary installations to assist during construction; to complete managed solutions providing best in class connectivity post completion.

Having covered some of the largest and most iconic locations in the London area, we are proud to have been able to offer solutions to solve connectivity issues at all stages of a development’s lifespan.

Our solutions improve the productivity and the wellbeing of the people connected to them.

NETCS offers bespoke solutions, enabling high numbers of people to be connected to services at the same time.

Through strategically located antennas or small cells we create networks that deliver connectivity into buildings via a single shared infrastructure capable of supporting cellular, Wi-Fi and mission critical services, and NETCS are fully endorsed by the UK Mobile Operators offering compliant, proven, and robust solutions for landlords and developers alike.

After years as a trusted partner to the UK Mobile Operators, we now offer our expertise direct to the market.

We offer a full suite of services; from initial consultation, through to O&M and the first step is to engage us to undertake one of our free Desktop Analysis’s (DTA). With just a few questions asked, this process will provide you with a defined solution, based on your needs and budgetary costs. This will enable you to make the right call when it comes to your connectivity needs.

Wherever there is a need for connectivity, where people suffer a poor mobile service, wherever people want to enrich the way they work through the benefits of being connected, we can help.

If you are currently struggling with mobile connectivity, talk to us now at