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Keep your workforce smiling

Workforce wellbeing has never been higher up the agenda in terms of retaining the best employees and demonstrating corporate and social responsibility credentials as a contractor.

Community dental provider CDS CiC has developed a unique range of on-site services aimed directly at the construction industry. Oral health is an area that is often overlooked yet is an important factor in the overall wellbeing and health for all employees. Oral health issues are a significant cause of absenteeism and poor productivity.

CDS corporate services for construction companies range from oral health advice and screening to examinations and dental treatment.  All advice and treatments are delivered on-site in a mobile clinic so the whole process is quick easy with minimum disruption to the working day.  As an often transitory workforce, living away from home for long periods, construction workers have traditionally been disadvantaged in terms of oral health advice and treatments and it is these factors that the CDS packages are designed to address.

CDS onsite treatments are provided by an experienced team of dentists, dental nurses and oral health professionals.  Mobile clinics are fully equipped with state-of-the-art consulting rooms able to provide the same treatments as a high street dentist.  Programmes can accommodate small groups of employees and contractors or larger numbers over a series of visits

The CDS packages are competitively priced and flexible and have been developed through many years working with the construction sector.  CDS is a social enterprise and part of the Social Enterprise UK’s Buy Social campaign.  This means contracting CDS for on-site oral health and dental treatments enables CDS to invest in more social programmes such as supervised toothbrushing programmes for disadvantaged children or dental out-reach work with rough sleepers.  In effect, contracting with CDS enables companies to support their own employee health and well-being agenda while directly supporting the health and well-being of other more marginalised groups.

To find out more and discuss packages available, CDS can be contacted on 07785 311684 or