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Keep your workers smiling!

Community dental provider CDS, is now offering on site dental services aimed directly at the construction industry, ranging from oral health screening to full courses of treatment.

Oral health is an area often overlooked yet is an important factor in an individual’s overall health and wellbeing.  Oral health issues are a significant cause of absenteeism and poor productivity.

Onsite treatment is provided by an experienced team of dentists, dental nurses and oral health professionals in the CDS mobile clinic which is fully equipped with state-of-the-art consulting rooms able to provide the same treatments as a high street dentist.  Packages are flexible and developed after many years working with construction contractors, accommodating small groups of workers or larger numbers over a series of visits.

Maintaining good dental health and visiting the dentist regularly is sometimes difficult for construction workers, often based away from home. Workforce wellbeing remains high up the agenda in terms of retaining the best employees and demonstrating corporate and social responsibility credentials as a contractor.

To find out more and discuss packages available, contact CDS on 07785 311684 or