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I.C. Brindle & Co. Ltd – Waterside Safety Equipment Specialists

Lifebuoy 2Although originally established as a company supplying safety equipment to the commercial shipping industry, I C Brindle & Co Ltd quickly diversified into supplying waterside safety equipment for a wide range of clients and has done so since 1994.

The company supplies a wide range of equipment from lifebuoys, together with their attendant housings and mountings, to recovery equipment used to rescue persons from the water or in the worst case scenario recover their bodies.

I C Brindle’s equipment can be found in many and varied locations from commercial quaysides to sewage farms, by way of leisure facilities and swimming pools to village green ponds. One of its most prestigious contracts was to supply waterside safety equipment to the London Olympics site. Its products may be seen in the media as well since it has supplied on more than one occasion to production companies making films and TV programmes. The companies activities are not restricted to the UK either having supplied to construction projects in Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Spain to name but a few.IMG_1069

The company recognises the difficulties that construction companies and end users have regarding the paucity of information available giving guidance on the positioning and quantity of lifesaving equipment that may be needed at any particular site. Noting official guidelines simply state that a risk assessment should be carried out and that the only publication available, published by the RNLI, concentrates on beaches and coastal environments, I C Brindle & Co has published its own guide to Coastal and Inland Water safety which offers information and advice to organisations and individuals alike.

Customers are just as varied as the locations in which its products may be found and I C Brindle & Co is as much at ease supplying safety equipment to a family run camp site as it is to major construction companies such a Tarmac and Raymond Brown, District & Borough Councils as well as central governmental organisations including the Environment Agency and the Royal Air Force.

Much information can be found on the Company’s website, but should further help or advice be necessary, experienced personnel are on hand to provide it.