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Envirograf – A leading force in passive fire products

Established in 1979 by MD Derek Ward, the Envirograf® brand quickly evolved to become a leading force in passive fire products. Having developed fire retardant and fire stopping products for numerous scenarios, the company’s reputation as an innovator and developer is widely recognised with many products unique to Envirograf®.

From Intumescent paints that provide over 60 minutes protection on timber, steel and plasterboard, to intumescent seals and electrical fire protection, the vast range of products enjoys widespread international demand.

Mr Ward says that, when it comes to passive fire protection, every risk must be considered to ensure that loss of life and property are kept to a minimum.  While many people are aware of the importance of fire barriers in preventing or delaying the spread of fire, they do not always consider the implications when breaching the fire barrier, for example, to allow electrical wires or other services to pass through a wall, floor or ceiling. That is why a range of Envirograf® intumescent products has been designed, to safeguard the integrity of fire barriers by swelling to seal such gaps should the worst happen and fire break out.

One of Envirograf’s strengths is the ability to adapt to the constantly evolving needs of their customers.  Following a number of enquiries, they recently introduced of a new variant to the versatile and popular FIROBLOK® range of fire sleeves; a new version designed to be inserted into hollow plasterboard or lath and plaster ceilings and walls, that sits flush with the surface.

Another common enquiry relates to the use of metal back boxes in hollow plasterboard walls.  In recent months the company has received an increasing number of calls asking how they can maintain fire separation capabilities when installing metal back boxes in plasterboard walls.  Fortunately, Envirograf® have an extensive range of tried and tested expanding intumescent gaskets and linings that are ideal for a wide range of standard electrical boxes. They are lightweight, flexible and can be trimmed to size to fit most socket boxes.

Sister company, EnviroEcoWall Panels has been established to manufacture one of Mr Ward’s latest innovations, a pre-engineered, insulated, load bearing panel system designed to form a fireproof building envelope.  This unique system combines structure and insulation into one prefabricated, thermally efficient component.  Not only are EnviroEcoWall Panels protected from fire by Envirograf’s intumescent coatings, the buildings are also designed to cope with flooding as they are constructed on a unique metal sub-frame that can carry the structure from 150mm to any height off the ground and can be raised to a new level at a later date in 300mm intervals.

Additionally, the system reduces build time, minimises waste on site and doesn’t require the significant amount of water consumption associated with more traditional construction methods.

Using the same high-spec system, the company recently introduced a range of smaller garden office buildings as a unique and cost-effective way to gain extra work or leisure space at home.  In addition to standard models, the company offers a bespoke design service.

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