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Disrupting the after-sales market – Why we launched Conquip Covered

People, project management and equipment are the most important considerations for any construction project – whether it’s an infrastructure, housing development, high rise, or groundworks site. Without the right equipment and the people who know how to use it correctly, productivity, profitability and safety can all be impacted.

There are some real challenges for contractors working on all types of projects, and we hear this and more feedback regularly:

  • They need to increase equipment sustainability, durability and longevity; three things that are particularly vital for plant companies in particular who are working to refurb and extend the lifecycle of their fleets – but applicable of course to many contractors. Achieving these goals reduces costs and a better chance of achieving a circular economy;
  • More complex equipment and methodologies, particularly for lifting, excavation and temporary loading platforms on large projects, requiring experienced and confident operators and which are sometimes in short supply. Digital information and on-site training is something we’re regularly approached to provide to site teams, again particularly by larger contractors; and
  • Maintaining uptime and compliance on site is paramount right across the contractor ecosystem and in all stages of a project.

In February 2024, after months of working behind the scenes, we expanded and re-launched our after-sales services as Conquip Covered, with an operational offering that gives operatives, buyers and project managers improved performance, productivity and compliance.

So, what can Conquip Covered provide customers?


We know that safety comes first, always. Trained site operatives are less likely to experience accidents on site or cause damage to equipment. They also operate with a higher level of confidence, efficiency, and safety when they have a thorough understanding of how the equipment works and its purpose.

We want you to have the confidence and the assurance to know that your team is safe when they are using Conquip equipment.

Our library of training materials enables customers to get the most out of their equipment, whilst maintaining a high level of safety and compliance to prevent accidents on site.

For our more technical solutions, we can also provide on-site training so you can have complete peace of mind that your team are competent.

6-monthly LOLER inspections and annual PUWER inspections – whether for our equipment or by other manufacturers – help to identify repair and refurbishment requirements, including spare part replacements.


We know that being able to use your equipment to its full potential is key for optimising productivity and minimising downtime.  We engineer our construction equipment for maximum durability and to withstand vigorous usage, but naturally wear and tear occurs over time.

That’s why we provide a robust inspection service through Conquip Covered, completing thorough end-to-end inspections on your site equipment to ensure preventative maintenance is actioned when necessary.

Inspections by qualified engineers help you to keep your equipment performing at its best by carrying out regular checks and identifying parts that may need replacing due to wear.


The importance of servicing your equipment regularly results in addressing early warning signs that your equipment may be deteriorating. Carrying out preventative maintenance is a professional responsibility to keep your team safe, as well as to protect the profitability of your project or business. A fast turnaround hire service is available, if any kit needs to go away for repair, helping to keep peace of mind.

Conquip Covered helps you to manage any maintenance, repair and parts required to your equipment on a regular basis, ensuring performance and safety isn’t an issue. Doing this also extends the lifetime of the equipment for as long as possible.


Working with Conquip, you know you are in safe hands. You can trust in a business that has over 20 years of experience working with customers in the industry, extensive manufacturing, and engineering capabilities. And our helpdesk support team is on hand to offer advice and support, helping you to make the best decision for your equipment and business.

Find out more and speak to a member of our team to learn more about Conquip Covered services