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CT1 Products Now Available in Tradepoint: Enhancing the Trade Professional Experience

CT1, renowned for its superior sealants and adhesives, is thrilled to announce the availability of its innovative products in Tradepoint, a premier platform catering to trade professionals across the UK. This partnership represents a significant milestone for CT1, as it aims to empower trade experts with access to top-quality products and exclusive benefits.

Tradepoint serves as a comprehensive hub for trade professionals, offering a diverse range of essential supplies and materials to meet their needs. With CT1 products now part of the Tradepoint lineup, trade professionals can effortlessly access CT1’s trusted sealants and adhesives, known for their exceptional performance and durability.

Emphasising the importance of supporting trade professionals, CT1 and Tradepoint are delighted to share brand synergy with the Bald Builders, serving as brand ambassadors. This collaboration brings together industry leaders to provide valuable insights and resources to trade professionals. Stay tuned for upcoming demo days at Tradepoint, where the Bald Builders will showcase CT1’s innovative products. Additionally, CT1 and Fix Radio partners will collaborate to enhance the events, making them even more informative and engaging.

Beyond offering quality products, Tradepoint provides trade professionals with exclusive benefits and support. With special discounts, promotions, and priority customer support, trade experts can access the assistance they need to successfully complete their projects.

Furthermore, CT1 products in Tradepoint are complemented by a wealth of educational resources and training materials. Trade professionals can access tutorials, how-to guides, and industry insights to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in their field, empowering them to enhance their competitiveness and success.

“We are excited to partner with Tradepoint to make our products more accessible to trade professionals across the UK,” said Nicola Walsh, Director of Sales & Marketing at CT1. “This collaboration underscores our commitment to supporting trade experts with top-quality products and resources to help them excel in their projects.”

Trade professionals can now find CT1 products in Tradepoint stores nationwide, providing convenient access to the tools they need to tackle their projects with confidence. To learn more about CT1 products in Tradepoint and take advantage of exclusive benefits, visit the Tradepoint website or your nearest Tradepoint store today.

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