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Carrilion continue to operate as normal in Canada despite UK collapse

A spokesman for Carillion has confirmed the companie’s Canadian operations are not in liquidation and continue uninterrupted.

On 15 January, the UK parent company, Carillion Plc, announced that it has been unable to achieve a restructuring and as a result Carillion Plc and certain subsidiaries were placed into compulsory liquidation.

“However, Carillion’s Canadian operations are not in liquidation and continue uninterrupted,” said Carillion Canada assistant communications manager Cody Johnstone.

“Our employees, subcontractors and suppliers in Canada continue to be paid and we remain committed to delivering safe, quality services for our clients. Our Canadian leadership is currently assessing the situation and working with stakeholders to ensure continuity of operations.”

The company employs over 6,000 people in Canada, where its history of work stretches back more than 60 years. Carillion Canada’s work includes a wide variety of projects from snow clearance to building, financing and maintaining hospitals.