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Air Vent Technology

As we are beginning to regain some semblance of normality, it is even more important that our working environments are properly and adequately ventilated to ensure airborne viral loads are properly extracted, thus mitigating Covid-19 risks.   Air Vent Technology has recently manufactured and supplied heat recovery units to a new garden centre complex in Northampton, an office block in Bishopgate and a hospital in Bristol.

All these units have been custom built especially for purpose.  Air Vent Technology is experienced at manufacturing air handling ventilation units to suit any requirement, and particularly to the healthcare sector.  With or without heat recovery they can be manufactured to full HTM requirements for critical areas (operating theatres and isolation wards, and more general ventilation to non-critical areas).  AVT’s technical, design, sales and production teams can prioritise healthcare ventilation projects to ensure the quickest possible equipment lead times to site.  Air Vent Technology’s range of products can be tailored to meet specifications and site requirements, and AVT ‘s Site Engineering Services offer a full installation package.

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