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Wrekin joins newly formed civil engineering supergroup

CIVIL engineering products specialists Wrekin Products has joined four likeminded businesses in forming the Civitec Group, bringing with it more than 40 years of experience and a proud reputation for outstanding design, service, and technical know-how.

Alongside Product Industriels Lorrains (P.I.L), Fonderies de Saint Dizier (FSD), Geoworks, and Encotel – all which are involved in the design, specification and manufacturing of products for the civil engineering industry – Wrekin has become a founding member of the group and sees it as a significant opportunity to make customers’ lives easier and bring the best solutions to market. Through this united force, the group aims to contribute to the development of sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

Sharing a common set of values that centre around putting relationships and innovative solutions at the heart of business, the Civitec Group’s name comes from its founding members’ legacy in the civil engineering industry and shared technical knowledge.

Simon Turner, commercial director at Wrekin, said: “Helping to found Civitec Group is an exciting next step in Wrekin’s history, and one that will add to our legacy in civil engineering. Our fellow members match our ambition for growth and expansion, which means we can learn from each other and make a greater contribution to the design and manufacture of specialist products loved by contractors and clients. Each member brand brings a unique perspective and specialist skills, enhancing our ability to solve complex problems and deliver comprehensive solutions.

“We’re all stronger together, whether that’s through knowledge sharing or combined spending power, which makes 2024 a particularly interesting and opportune year for us all. Wrekin’s existing customers and partners can expect the same high-level of service and product quality, but with more to look forward to as we make our offering stronger and stronger.”

The group’s portfolio includes projects in transportation, water management, environmental engineering and urban development. From supporting the design of smart cities through to mitigating climate change impacts, the group’s work is shaping the future of civil engineering. This is being achieved through harnessing the power of digital transformation to streamline processes, reduce waste and increase productivity, as well as investing in talent development to provide opportunities for continuous learning and growth.

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