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Strategic Partners: Precast & Preformed Troughs & Fibrelite’s ‘Made to Measure’ GRP Trough Covers

Composite access cover manufacturer Fibrelite has formed strategic partnerships with a number of major manufacturers of precast and preformed troughs (also known as trenches, channels and ducts) in Europe and the USA (including Fibex and Trenwa) to create new collaborative product offerings integrating Fibrelite covers and precast and preformed troughs.

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Are your AdBlue vehicles suffering from blocked catalysts?

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WP Group

Flexible fuelling solutions for any construction project

WP Group is a fuels company with a difference, it has used its experience and expertise within the sector to tailor its range of solutions to meet the specific needs of the construction industry with solutions that include standard fuels, sustainable solutions and fuel management. Read more...

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Driving security forward with the complete package

The Portaro SBD system provides a rarity in today’s somewhat limited market. With matching door, frame and architrave in a myriad of veneered, foil, laminate, paint lacquered and even special finishes, the Portaro system offers complete design freedom, so that performance does not equate to compromising aesthetics.

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>Snickers Workwear For Summer – Cooling Technology and Verifiable Sustainability

Snickers Workwear = Comfort = Wellbeing and Improved Performance.

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Schöck Combar ensures safer tram system and reduced noise

A great deal of investment is being made in the continued expansion of the Munich tram network in southern Germany. The latest construction work involves a third-track being added just outside Munich Central Station. Read more...

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Premier Tech Water and Environment ensure a sustainable and eco-friendly environment, with coconut-husk based wastewater treatment

For over 25 years, global company Premier Tech Water and Environment has been protecting our properties and our environment with sustainable local solutions.

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Novade launches connectors and integration hub for construction

Seamless data integration with the world’s most trusted names in the construction industry via Novade Connect

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MSC Corporate


MCS Corporate is a specialist company working in corporate tax cost recovery in the Building and Construction Industries. Read more...

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Monster Mesh - Construction Branding

At Monster Mesh we specialise in supplying large format print products to the construction sector in order to help you get the best visibility for your brand or construction project.

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Following extensive research and testing, the patented Thermal Windpost (TWP2), part of the Ancon range of steel construction fixings, offers up to an impressive 70% reduction in thermal transmission through the span of the windpost. Read more...

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Site Safety Signs

...add your logo and branding for free!

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HFE Signs


Get yourself ready to shower in happiness. The new and energising GROHE showers, now with new features.

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Engel high-vis workwear helps save the environment

A range of high visibility protective safety clothing with 50% of the material made from recycled plastic bottles has been introduced by workwear manufacturer Engel Workwear.

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F Engel
EcoGreen Plant Hire

Waterless Wheel Cleaning System

The DriveOn V-Tech Dry Wheel Cleaning System from EcoGreen Plant Hire Ltd

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Essential Bacteria Protection For Safer Heating

Market leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of safe heating solutions, Contour Heating, discuss the need to for advanced hygiene in public settings.

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Contour Heating
Ceildoor Products

Capless For Life

Say good-bye to missing plastic caps with Ceildoor’s UNIQUE square metal lock cover.

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New Acoustic Laboratory opens in Cambridge

Cambridge Acoustic Laboratory Limited (CALL) provides a range of acoustic services, which includes a purpose-built sound transmission suite, offering laboratory sound insulation testing of building elements in accordance with the BS EN ISO 10140 series of standards.

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Cambridge Acoustics Labratory

Bolina trials new cost-effective, high strength debris boom to protect critical infrastructure

With over 20 years of experience in protecting waterways around the world, Bolina, an Ecocoast company, is launching a new debris boom to protect critical infrastructure, including hydraulic structures. Read more...

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TekTherm™ AK-FR - A2 Fire-Rated Structural Thermal Break

TekTherm™ AK-FR Thermal Breaks are designed to be A2 Fire Rated as well as having a high compressive strength and low thermal conductivity.

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AK Rubber
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