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Using A1 fire rated advanced wall systems to vastly increase the efficiency of construction

Modular construction is not a new concept, but it is growing in popularity as its full potential and benefits become clearer with the advancement of technology. In particular, modular technology has proven itself to be an extremely efficient and safe option, with some products offering enhanced fire protection when compared to traditional materials.

The UK’s construction sector is a major part of the national economy, representing approximately 8% of GDP, almost 10% of employment and £150bn of annual investment according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

The sector provides direct economic benefits from construction as well as enabling the growth of the wider economy by providing the homes, offices, other buildings and warehouses that are the foundation of our lives and businesses.

However, one of the biggest problems faced by the sector and the economy at large is the need for scale and the rapid development of new buildings. The current market-led solutions have not been able to meet demand, and so it has become vital to research and develop new, modern methods of construction (MMC) and the products which enable them.

Using modular technology can vastly increase the efficiency of construction in the UK at all stages. Products are built off-site in mass-produced, factory-assembly conditions which speed up the process and increase the quality of the final product. This helps to eliminate mistakes and wastage as much as possible, all while delivering the product faster.

Another critical factor is the need to achieve this in a sustainable manner so that the construction industry can adapt successfully to the climate emergency and become a positive factor in that fight rather than a negative one.

Fire resistance is also important than ever, and the government is making regulations in this area tighter. This is an area where all developers need to rethink the materials they use to ensure they meet the latest standards – and it is worth looking ahead at possible future standards to make sure that your building will meet those too.

In order to meet regulations and prepare for the future, Specwall proactively researched and developed an A1-rated walling system for the construction industry which is now available. Key technical information about our A1 panel is as follows:

  • No flammable material in the panel
  • Cannot contribute to a fire at any stage
  • Same weight and strength as standard A2-rated panel
  • 100m depth, single-layer system
  • Simple, integrated, stand-alone
  • Price competitive with SFS or blockwork alternatives

Advanced wall systems in construction are one of the most important parts of any development. Modern methods of construction – most notably off-site manufacturing – are rapidly changing the landscape and providing superior alternatives to traditional wall systems.

A great example of this is Specwall which offers major advantages over traditional wall systems like blockwork and plasterboard. Off-site manufacturing means that Specwall panels are delivered to site and then installed as single pieces with all acoustic, insulation and fire ratings inherent to them – in the case of the latter.

This means that only a single-visit construction process is required, cutting down on build time, cost and more when using Specwall, giving you all the advantages of modern methods of construction for your development.

Further to the above, Specwall is also resistant to damage from water and mould, which cuts down on waste during construction, and means the panels can be installed or stored in wet conditions before the building is watertight – providing further benefits when it comes to programme time.

As the world of construction continues to rebuild itself to suit 21st century needs, Modern Methods of Construction and modular developments will continue to come to the fore. They are faster, more cost efficient, more environmentally sustainable and often safer, as is the case with Specwall.

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