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The Scaffolding Association announces the launch of its COVID-19 Wellbeing Guidance Notes

Whether you are still working onsite, in the office, working from home or have been furloughed, COVID-19 will have had a huge impact on your wellbeing. With this in mind the Scaffolding Association has launched three new Scaffold Industry Guidance Notes (SIGNS) aimed at supporting individuals during the pandemic.

Stacey Underhill, Head of External Affairs said;

“It’s vital that everyone looks after their health and wellbeing during this uncertain time where it is normal for people to be experiencing anxiety and stress, or boredom and loneliness. We have been working with a range of specialist organisations and have added their contact details. We hope that these Notes will provide support and guidance for those who may be struggling at present. They will also offer some insight into ways that people can help those around them as we all navigate our way through the current crisis.”

These, and other Guidance Notes, are free to download from the Scaffolding Association website: 

For further information please contact the Association on 0300 124 0470 or email