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T Cards Online, the web based t card system

Keeping track of work and improving workflow is critical in any business environment and using visual displays to communicate the status are a vital tool.  T Cards Online is a new way of looking at this old age issue. Keeping it simple for the user whilst enabling others to look, manage and improve processes.

The T Cards Online system displays the status of jobs or tasks and allows multiple users in different locations to log on and access the same information. Every action is logged ensuring accountability for each stage of a task, enabling instant access to the reasons for any job falling behind schedule.

Whilst T Cards is simple to develop to your application and can be quickly rolled out, it provides key information across various departments and bridges gaps. All interested parties have access to the information they need, although details can be easily limited to their specific responsibilities. The visual nature of the T Card system ensures that all the work allocated is managed and tracked with efficiency and clarity.

Operational Excellence Manager at Meggitt PLC, Simon Dixon

“The big advantage of the T Cards system is that it has made our process far more visible and accountable.  Our old process was paper-driven and documents tended to get lost and mislaid so there was a lot of chasing around looking for documents.  Now we can see them via the T Card dashboard instantly.”

Meggitt’s experience in using the T Cards Online system is one of many examples of the benefits of a simple yet highly effective online management tool. It is proven to help companies large and small to streamline management processes and improve productivity.

T Cards Online is available from as little as £5.00=VAT per user per month. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.