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swiss air PAPR for a breath of pure Alpine air

The construction industry is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of protecting workers’ lungs. In particular, mandatory precautions must be taken to protect against the health implications of quartz dust. With optrel swiss air, however, respiratory protection no longer has to mean discomfort!

Goodbye to quartz dust exposure

Quartz dust particles get into the lungs very easily. Once there, they lead to coughing, shortness of breath and bronchitis. In the long term, there is even a risk of pulmonary fibrosis and silicosis. One thing is for certain – your workers need to be protected! But conventional respirators are associated with respiratory resistance, fatigue and sweating. With swiss air PAPR, however, these issues are a thing of the past.

No (forced) breaks, no sweating and no need to shave

With swiss air, your construction workers are supplied with fresh, cleaned air thanks to the integrated blower system. This creates an overpressure in the half mask that supports breathing and counteracts fatigue. At the same time, the cooling fresh air reduces sweating and helps workers to keep focus. But that’s not all: Thanks to the overpressure system, the mask does not have to fit tightly, no fit tests are required, and beards don’t need to be shaved either. Your team does not have to take forced breaks because of the mask, as is required with conventional dust masks. This in turn means output and efficiency both increase, all thanks to the right choice of respiratory protection.

Ultra-lightweight and user-friendly cutting-edge technology

swiss air represents outstanding value for money. Not only that, with its extremely professional appearance, the respirator also boosts company image. The system is a one-off initial investment – after this, it is only the filters that need to be changed on a regular* basis. Over the long term, using filters reduces waste and saves money compared to conventional dust masks.

* Filter changes depend on the dust load. But that is solved very easily: The swiss air control panel shows both the filter contamination and battery capacity, so you can rely on it to do its job just as well as your team does theirs!

Compatible with all common helmets, ear defenders and goggles

Not only is swiss air easy to operate, but users hardly notice they’re wearing it, due to its light weight. The ergonomic harness allows your construction workers to move around freely. Using the Protection Cover, available as an optional extra, swiss air works in any weather, even in the rain – just like your hard-working team. Plus, the PAPR functions independently of other protective headgear, hearing protection or protective eyewear.

Welcome to the Swiss Alps, welcome to optrel swiss air.

swiss air is the revolutionary PAPR from optrel and is testament to everything the company represents: The Swiss manufacturer of respiratory protection and automatic welding helmets is committed to delivering unique benefits in its products. That’s why around one quarter of the optrel team is dedicated to continuously researching and developing innovations that make everyday work in the construction sector easier. With swiss air, your team lives and breathes innovation.