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Revolutionising the way you learn: How LINKS Training Group is taking the headache out of training

Daniel Puttick, Billie Bond, and Tiffany Briggs - Directors of LINKS Training Group

In the fast-paced world of professional development, where time is of the essence and knowledge is power, the training process should be a seamless experience that empowers, not a headache-inducing ordeal. 

At LINKS Training, we understand this and the challenges organisations and individuals face when it comes to training, and we are on a mission to take the headache out of the learning journey.

With over a decade of experience in the training industry, Founder and Director of LINKS Training Group, Billie Bond found a huge market gap. A training company offering training in any format, on any subject, all across the country, for highly competitive prices.

This is where Billie came up with the idea of LINKS Training Group – a palace where managers, individuals, and business leaders can come to find the right course for them, in the city or venue they need it, from market-leading trainers, all in one easy process.

“We’re not just about understanding the importance of training; we also recognise that the booking process can be a bit of a headache for managers. That’s where we come in. LINKS Training Group offers a full coordination package for all your training requirements, eliminating the need for multiple suppliers, purchase orders, and forms.”

‘We have truly honed our approach to learning and development to deliver measurable and lasting performance enhancement, in the most efficient way possible.’ says Billie. 

So, why is training so important? 

In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workplace, the importance of employee training cannot be overlooked. Organisations that recognise the value of continuous learning, and invest in comprehensive training are those reaping the most benefits, from increased productivity and innovation to enhanced employee satisfaction.

One of the most significant benefits of training and development is improved employee retention, and the lack of this training is one of the biggest factors that UK employees are quitting their jobs.

A study from Total Jobs found that:

  • 68% of employees have changed jobs because of a lack of learning and development opportunities
  • 9 in 10 employees want their employer to offer more training courses to develop new skills
  • 2 in 3 employees believe training is more important today than it was two years ago

It’s time to empower your people, by investing in their learning!

What are the benefits of investing in employee training?

Skills Development: Training helps employees acquire new skills and enhance existing ones. This is particularly important in today’s rapidly changing business environment where technological advancements and industry trends can quickly make existing skills obsolete.

Increased Productivity: Well-trained employees are more competent and efficient in their roles. Training helps employees understand their job responsibilities better, use tools and technology effectively, and ultimately contribute to higher productivity levels

Adaptability: In a dynamic business environment, organisations often need to adapt to changes in technology, industry regulations, and market trends. Training equips employees with the knowledge and skills needed to adapt to these changes, ensuring that the organisation remains competitive.

Employee Satisfaction: Investing in employee development through training demonstrates that the organisation values its workforce. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and morale, contributing to higher employee retention rates.

Safety and Compliance: In industries where safety and compliance are paramount, training is essential to ensure that employees understand and adhere to regulations. This is particularly important in fields such as healthcare, manufacturing, and finance.

Whatever industry you work in, whatever skills you want to learn, and wherever you want to learn them, LINKS Training Group has the solution.

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