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British-designed Red Gorilla® equipment has been put to the test by various industries for over 2 decades.  Whilst products look a bit different to how they did in the early days, Red Gorilla is a constant with innovation and forward-thinking products. Now a staple in most construction sites and relied upon by tradespeople around the world. Red Gorilla products are functional, versatile, and cleverly designed.

What is the new product range?

The newest product range from Red Gorilla® are the Gorilla Bins™ and Mixing Buckets. The bins with clip lids and mixing buckets with integrated handles are great for clearing out rubbish and rubble, as well as mixing plaster and mortar. Both the bins and buckets are useful whether for a small job or more heavy-duty construction work. With reinforced sides, they are designed to be tough, versatile and hardy. The Gorilla Bins™ are available in a handy 3 sizes: 30L, 50L, 80L and for easy storage, the 3 sizes stack inside each other.

There’s a whole lot more to Red Gorilla® than meets the eye.

Ask any construction worker or tradesperson if they have used any of the Gorilla products, or heard of Red Gorilla®, and there is a strong likelihood their answer will be “yes!” That’s because we are the original and have the deserved reputation of being the best.

Gorilla Bins™ and Buckets are loaded with useful features.

Our bins are bright, light to manage and move, stackable and very, very strong!

A series of purpose-designed features ensures that users can speed up tasks and get jobs done quickly and efficiently.

Specific Gorilla Bin™ and Bucket features include:

  • Strong reinforced grip handles on each side
  • The Bins have a lid to keep the contents safe and dry
  • 100% non-absorbent
  • Frost and UV proof
  • Recyclable
  • Strong and tough
  • Gorilla Bins™ available in 3 Sizes, 30L, 50L and 80L
  • Mixing Bucket available in 50L

Managing Director, Dean Cox, said: “Gorilla Bins™ have been designed to develop our growing range here at Red Gorilla® of products for professionals. Made in the UK using cutting edge moulds, machines and materials we are able to offer exceptional quality of product and service. UK construction needs bins, and they are traditionally not valued by retailers; but here we have a proper range of “bins” that can also be used for “mixing”. Focusing on what the trade needs gives merchants the opportunity to “upsell”. We think this is the biggest thing to hit the merchant trade since we launched Gorilla Tubs® 25 years ago!”

Look for the Red Gorilla® logo!

Instantly recognised by their bright colours, Red Gorilla® was the original supplier of purpose-designed tubs across the UK and now has an extensive range of tubs, shovels, forks, rakes, brooms and more!

Each Gorilla product, is embossed with the Red Gorilla® logo.  It’s a sign of quality, strength, and performance.

You can buy Red Gorilla® products from registered stockists, or if you are a retailer, why not become a stockist today!

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