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Portuguese Stone – The Natural Path

Portugal is currently the seventh largest exporter of natural stone in aggregated terms. In 2019, sales to the foreign market were close to 450 million Euros, with an Average Annual Growth Rate positive, between 2011 and 2019.

ANIET is the portuguese employers association that represents the quarries of industrial and ornamental rock both in the Extractive and Manufacturing Industry and the mining sector, and has the mission of supporting its associates, representing and defending them due to their important economic and social role.

The extractive and transforming industry of portuguese stone is currently committed to four objectives: reduce, reuse, recycle, requalify:

Reduction of waste production;

Reuse of waste materials and water;

Recycle old materials and 

Requalify quarries;

This Concepts are possible thanks to a strong establishment of technology and a unique knowledge of stonework.

Social and environmental concerns are increasingly a mandatory management indicator, and today these realities are widespread all over the Portuguese territory.

Responsible exploration ensures the sustainability of the sector and the safety and well-being of workers, population, and environment.

On recovered quarries, today there are spaces returned to nature, leisure grounds, spaces where families can enjoy quality time.

Recovering environmental liabilities, restoring spaces to nature and people, are concerns of the portuguese natural stone sector.

International Summit

Oporto is going to welcome the ANIET International Summit – International Conference of Natural Stone, where the strategy and trend markets for the future are going to be debated, under the ANIET organization.

You can attend, next 10th November since 10.00 hours (G.M.T.) at: