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Plumbers shine the spotlight on dripping taps during Water Saving Week

WaterSafe is helping to pull the plug on water wastage by encouraging homeowners to potentially save thousands of litres of water a year by fixing leaky taps.

Ignoring the drip, drip, drip of a leaky tap could be wasting up to 5,500 litres of water a year – and adding to water bills – warns the UK body for approved plumbers.

WaterSafe is partnering with Waterwise, the UK leading authority on water efficiency, for the fifth Water Saving Week (29 April – 3 May).

With much of the UK facing significant water shortages by 2050, the national campaign highlights simple changes everyone can make to save water.

WaterSafe is supporting ‘Tap Thursday’ to highlight how everyone can make simple adjustments at home to not only save water, but money and energy too if households are on a water meter.

WaterSafe’s top five ‘tap tips’ are:

  1. Fix dripping taps, which can waste up to 5,500 litres a year – that’s enough to fill a paddling pool every week for the whole summer.
  2. Don’t leave taps running when you’re brushing your teeth to save 24 litres of water per person per day – around 8,760 litres a year.
  3. Fit water-efficient taps and check they’re approved by WRAS (or an equivalent scheme) to keep your drinking water healthy.
  4. Know where your stop tap is to turn your water off in an emergency.
  5. Use a bowl or plug to use less tap water when washing up or preparing food.

Waterwise’s Managing Director, Nicci Russell, said: “At Waterwise we’re really pleased to be teaming up with WaterSafe again for Water Saving Week.

“WaterSafe plumbers play a really important role in supporting us all to waste less water – fixing leaky taps, and giving us advice on not leaving them running when we don’t need to!

“We’re already seeing the impacts of climate change and population growth on water availability in the UK, and we know that making the water we have go further is going to be increasingly important. On ‘Tap Thursday’ we’re talking about the simple steps we can all take to save water.”

Julie Spinks, Director of WaterSafe added: “With water resources increasingly under strain it’s really important that everyone plays their part to help.

“The good news is there is lots we can do – we’re urging everyone on ‘Tap Thursday’ this Water Saving Week to get leaky taps fixed, no matter how small a trickle.

“If you need help talk to your local WaterSafe approved plumber – they’re trained in water supply (fittings) regulations to work safely with your drinking water and can also give advice on water-efficient fittings and fixtures.”

WaterSafe’s latest film also highlights the importance of keeping taps clean inside and out with mild disinfectant to prevent strange tastes and smells from affecting the quality of drinking water in the home.

For more on dealing with leaks in your property and to find an approved plumber visit You can also find and share information on Twitter @WatersafeUK and Facebook @WaterSafeRegister #TapThursday.

Water Saving Week focuses on a specific area of water use each day and information containing challenges, tips and resources can be found at

Other Water Saving Week themes are Meat Free Monday; Toilet Tuesday; Wash Wednesday and Freshwater Friday.