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PICS and the property refurbishment market

PICS have seen the demand for quality and high performance refurbishment products grow enormously over the last few years, as we extend, or try to bring back to life, old buildings and properties rather than demolish and replace. As a result of customer interest, we now provide a larger range of refurbishment products to suit many different applications for the developer or refurbishment contractor.

Before application of Wallcrete decorative wall render.

There are products designed to aid the client with their refurbishment of a range of different paving and walling options, including decorative rendering effects to match to existing stone or brickwork, and concrete flooring stains, coatings and sealers to bring old concrete, block paving and tarmac back to life.

After application of Wallcrete decorative wall render.

From domestic properties to the commercial world of theme parks, zoos, drive thrus, and infrastructure works on roads, bridges and transport schemes, PICS have seen the range of products used across the refurbishment field grow steadily.

Full product specification and training details are available to enable the client, designer or contractor to confidently specify or utilise PICS products with confidence.

By the careful addition of colour, texture and pattern to the surface finish, walls, floors and paved areas can be refurbished to a totally different visual style, aesthetic improvement and practical feel. By a simple addition to the design, we have seen contemporary, traditional and bespoke transformations, without expensive or technically challenging applications.

Decorative concrete can be utilised as a complete refit of existing paving or an overlay to sound substrate for a simple addition of a colour or sealer layer to the existing surface. Minimal preparation can be undertaken before most of the PICS products are applied, which makes it easier for contractors to undertake refurbishment products with paving and walling without highly trained specialists. PICS provide online or face-to-face training support and can assist on site where necessary, to supervise larger projects.

Before application of Picscoat Tarmac refurbishment product.

Many of the PICS range of products are manufactured in-house at our manufacturing facility in Sussex and supplied through our distribution network of stockists and depots around the UK.

After application of Picscoat Tarmac refurbishment product.

PICSpave is the PICS range of decorative concrete surface finishes, from slabs of plain structural concrete to an engineer’s design, transformed into any design of colour, texture and combination the client can dream of. Slate, Tile, Cobblestone, Brick, Pavers, Granite, even a range of timber and decking effects can be created in the colour mix of your choice to suit any property or commercial scheme.

Wallcrete is a printable decorative render system for both new build or refurbishment applications. We have seen theme park designers create artificial rock structures, housing developers recreate listed building finishes when extensions are added, and repairs to masonry achieved with effects which are difficult to distinguish from the original. A wide range of natural and modern finishes are possible and the artistry that is used by sculptors and set designers in the film industry, can easily be achieved by a novice with minimal training and experience. This brings the Wallcrete system within the daily practical use of all builders and refurbishment contractors.

Practical training can be provided on-site if appropriate and the costs of these British made products are competitive with imported materials, readily available around the UK.

The range of sealers and colouring stains are used to transform concrete paving, from existing industrial and concrete floors, to newly laid pattern imprinted, exposed aggregate and block paving projects. Aiding the long term performance of the paving, as well as creating aesthetically bespoke designs, the artists brush can truly be used on the paving canvas of the refurbishment professional.

Sealers are a simple low cost addition to the tools available to the refurbishment contractor, and help to dust proof, aid curing, protect against ingress of dirt, oil and grease, thereby reducing maintenance and protecting the expensive paving finish the client has purchased. This then helps to reduce the life time costs and cleaning regimes for the client,

The sealer range includes Low & High Solid concrete sealers, water and solvent based Cure and Seal, PICSeal block paving sealer, Permaseal jointing sand stabilising solution and PICScoat tarmac and asphalt sealer in black, red and green colour options. There is also a range of ancillary cleaning, degreasing, and site preparation products, including acid wash, Mossclean algae and lichen removal, and PICSclean degreaser.

We can provide colour charts, project images and case studies, as well as technical data for all products, and would be pleased to answer any technical, application or costing enquiries for you. Our nationwide network of existing contractors is available to cost any project you may be working on, whether it is paving, walls or even roof cleaning, and our depots in Newbury, Sheffield and Manchester provide an opportunity to view and discuss all the PICS refurbishment products.

We are experienced at supplying a range of export clients and projects, so please contact our export team for any requirements to specify or use our PICS refurbishment and renovation products abroad.