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New land built in the River Thames to be named ‘Bazalgette Embankment’

New land built by Tideway in the centre of London is set to be named Bazalgette Embankment in honour of the Victorian engineer Sir Joseph Bazalgette.

Tideway, the company building London’s new super sewer, is creating the new public space on the banks of the Thames as part of its work to clean up the river.

Sir Joseph designed the existing system in the 19th century, and is credited with preventing deadly cholera outbreaks in the capital.

Tideway is today building on his legacy, creating a 25km super sewer beneath the Thames – and seven new embankments – to cope with the demands of the modern-day city and prevent sewage pollution in the river.

Sir Peter Bazalgette, the engineer’s great-great-grandson, said: “There’s a special magic about canals and rivers. People love being beside water, and they appreciate having the room to enjoy waterside recreation, so to have seven new areas beside the Thames that can be enjoyed and explored while walking is going to be a marvellous thing.

“Specifically, the one next to Blackfriars Bridge, which will be named after good old Sir Joe, makes my heart beat proud.”

This aerial photo, taken in December 2019, shows the new land taking shape

Once open, the newly named Bazalgette Embankment to the west of Blackfriars Bridge will include a new City Walkway as well as open space for recreation and leisure activities.

Alastair Moss, Chair of the Planning and Transportation Committee at the City of London Corporation, said: “At a time when public health is once again at the forefront of mind, it is only right to recognise the work of someone who once played a crucial role in the well-being of Londoners.

“The naming of Bazalgette Embankment reflects on the pioneering work of the chief engineer to London’s Metropolitan Board of Works, Sir Joseph Bazalgette, and his creation of a functional sewer system for London.

“His sewer network has served the capital for more than 150 years and is being extended by Tideway so that it can continue to operate long into the future.”