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MGS launch new 45mm & 50mm Thermo-Loops® for ground source heat pumps

Geotechnical and ground source heat specialist supplier, MGS, have expanded their Thermo-Loops® range to include larger diameter pipes that meet the growing demands for higher capacity ground source heat pump systems.

Previously only available in 32mm and 40mm, their Thermo-Loops® pipes can now be supplied in 45mm and 50mm diameters to support more demanding ground source heat applications.

The new diameters of MGS Thermo-Loops® are supported by a full range of electrofusion fittings, including those for the 45mm Thermo-Loops®.

“Smaller diameter loops can experience pressure drops in deeper borehole installations. So, our 45mm and 50mm Thermo-Loops® are designed to help alleviate this issue and ensure deeper systems operate at maximum efficiency,” states Darren Portway, Division Manager at MGS.

MGS Thermo-Loops® have become a leading product for geothermal contractors, with their loops being installed in ground source heating system projects across the UK and Europe.

Ground source heat pumps are an increasingly popular form of low-carbon heating systems which extract ambient warmth from the ground to heat buildings and properties.

A borehole is drilled in the ground, into which the Thermo-Loop® is installed. Powered by a pump, a glycol fluid is circulated around the loop to extract heat from the ground and deliver it back to the heat pump where it passes through a compressor to increase the temperature. It is then passed through a heat exchanger and transferred to radiators or underfloor heating to heat the building. Thermal loops can also help provide cooling by reversing the process to transfer excess heat from the building to the ground.

Since the company added the supply of ground source materials to its extensive product range in 2004, MGS has been at the forefront of geothermal and ground source heat supplies with their Thermo-Loops® receiving notable success.

This sustainable method of heating is becoming progressively more popular for its low running costs, energy efficiency and environmental benefits.

“Ground source heat extraction is increasingly the best solution for residences, businesses, and industrial buildings to create more sustainable and cost-effective heat. With our expanded range of Thermo-Loops®, ground source heat systems can be deeper and larger with ease and dependability,” adds Darren.

Established in 1988, MGS are a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialist quality products for use in ground investigation, water well and geothermal drilling applications, railway drainage, landfill gas extraction, and more.

Produced in the UK, the Thermo-Loops® are made from virgin grade PE100-RC, which is a very durable crack resistant polyethylene material, ensuring a maximum lifespan. The MGS Thermo-Loops® are manufactured in accordance with Ground Source Heat Pump Association standards to ensure the underground heat exchange system is built to last.

“We’re excited to continue developing new products and support our industry with innovative geothermal solutions that ensure heating is heading towards a sustainable and cost-effective future,” concludes Darren.

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