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MCS Corporate Strategies Ltd Land Remediation Tax Relief

MCS Corporate Strategies Ltd is a very specialist company working in Research and Development Tax Credits, Land Remediation Tax Relief and Patent Box claims. Support for these activities is growing rapidly as Government policy actively encourages companies to take up claims.

Main Tax relief schemes are:

  • Land Remediation Tax Relief
  • Research and Development Tax Credits (available for all companies)
  • Patent Box (available for all companies
  • Capital Allowances for Building & Structures

The Single key criterion for qualification is that you be registered as a UK corporate entity.  Claims are retrospective (two years) and intended to be claimed year-on-year. SME’s and large Companies qualify.

Manufacturing, engineering and all disciplines, activities, parts, products, prototypes; IT software and first-of-class items are examples of what is included as items for research and development. The CIRD definition of R&D is wide and inclusive of very broad activities.

MCS has a well established claims experience. The entire Process is undertaken in-house, is confidential, involves liaison with clients, their accountants and, importantly, HMRC. Clients are supported throughout and as they expand and enhance their activities.

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