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Maximise the thermal efficiency of pipe installations with phenolic insulated pipe supports

Phenolic pipe supports are regularly used for insulating pipe systems in industrial and commercial applications due to their superior properties and performance. Here’s why they are a great choice:

Phenolic Pipe Supports – Key Benefits at a Glance

Exceptional thermal insulation: Phenolic foam has one of the lowest thermal conductivities among insulation materials, allowing you to install a smaller thickness of insulation to deliver optimal performance. This means phenolic can be the most cost-effective solution.

High fire resistance: Phenolic supports are tested and certified to have extremely low combustibility, they do not contribute to flame spread and produce low smoke and toxic emissions.

Moisture resistance: Unlike some other insulation materials, phenolic foam resists moisture absorption, preventing degradation and maintaining its insulative properties even in humid conditions.

Chemical stability: Resistant to most acids, alkalis, and solvents, phenolic blocks are suitable for challenging environments where chemical exposure is a concern.

Lightweight and easy to install: The lightweight nature of phenolic foam makes it easy to handle and install, reducing labour costs and simplifying logistics.

Durability: Phenolic insulation is known for its structural strength and durability, capable of withstanding mechanical stress and maintaining its shape over time.

Eco-friendly option: With a lower environmental impact in production compared to some other insulation materials, phenolic foam is an eco-conscious choice that helps reduce the overall carbon footprint.

Phenolic pipe supports not only enhance the operational efficiency of piping systems but also contribute to overall safety and sustainability, making them an excellent choice for modern industrial applications.

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