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Kärcher – Safety, it’s a matter of Tact

Kärcher expands its range of safety vacuum cleaners and presents two new machines in the M and H class categories.

Developed for use in the construction trade and industrial environments where there are large volumes of fine dust, this new generation of robust, wet and dry vacuum cleaners quickly make achieving maximum cleaning performance easy and safe.

Featuring the new sensor-controlled, automatic filter cleaning system (Tact), the vacuum cleaners detect when the flat pleated filter needs to be cleaned and quickly reverses  the air  flow, to blow air through the filter, enabling continuous operation for the user without any loss of suction power. They also optimally select the filter cleaning interval, depending on the quantity of dust being vacuumed: this enables large quantities of dust to be collected without the need for manual filter cleaning.

Suitable for collecting large volumes of safe as well as hazardous substances, such as asbestos dust, the PTFE-H flat pleated filter (HEPA 13) used in the H class models, is the first cleanable filter in a wet and dry vacuum cleaner for this dust class: with a filtration level of 99.995%.

As well as the outstanding features of our existing NT vacuum cleaners, these new models also include: electronic filter detection and air flow monitoring, so the vacuum cleaner only starts when the filter is correctly installed, which ensures optimal safety for the user. If the air flow falls below a certain value, a warning signal sounds that indicates a blockage or full container. Thanks to its grounding conductor and conductive accessories users are effectively protected against an electrostatic charge,  which can occur when vacuuming dry dusts.

Sturdy housing with a bumper at the front and large metal castors provide ultimate stability, transportability and a long service life – making it easier to move the equipment from site to site. The flat, non-slip top provides a secure hold for the user’s toolbox, and slots on the machine allow accessories to be stored securely.

Additionally, new bayonet locks and large clips on the floor nozzle allow the quick change of accessories between wet and dry applications, without the need for any tools. The suction hose now connects directly into the container head allowing maximum use of the container space, and a significant reduction in noise when vacuuming small quantities of dust make these machines a powerful ally.