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K2A Proud To Exhibit At UK Construction Week

UK Construction Week 2022 is happening at Birmingham NEC, and K2A will be exhibiting at stand BT 341. This year will be even more exciting and will educate and inform participants on various topics, from transforming construction for a sustainable future to learning more about how and why Health Is The First Step Toward’s Safety.

Safety is essential to construction workers and employers. We invite you to come and learn about how the K2 Associates, who specialise in SEQOHS Safety Critical medicals, are working hard to support the construction business and employers in the journey to optimising employee wellness and maximising health and safety in the workplace. Stop by the K2A booth to discuss the topic in further detail and to learn more about all the occupational health services they offer, from medicals to absence management to mental health training and monitoring. You’ll walk away with the tools you need to run a more effective business where your worker’s wellness is prioritised.

The event is full of exciting sessions, networking activities, and events you won’t want to miss. Be sure to register and sign up for the event before it’s too late! Your registration includes free entry to Timber Expo, Grand Designs, and Green Living Live. We would love to see you at the K2A stand BT 341.

To celebrate the event and spread the word K2A is also running a competition where you can Win an IPAD. To enter, click here.

Why Health Is The First Step Toward Safety

Construction is a physically and mentally exhausting line of work to be in. Your workers put in long, hard days and must be in good mental and physical shape to perform their job duties. The healthier your workers are, the fewer accidents, incidents and missed days from work you’ll have to deal with and address.

You’ll achieve better and quicker results and can focus on running and growing your business when you have a healthy and fit workforce. Your workplace and the projects they’re working on will be more productive, and you’ll achieve a more efficient work environment. When construction workers suffer injuries, they may have to miss days of work, and their production levels may decrease. It’s not only wise to ensure that your employees get home safe and without injury at the end of the day but also a moral obligation.

About K2A & Their Services

Occupational health needs to be at the forefront of how you run your business and what’s most important in your line of work. K2 Associates have more than 20 years of experience providing fast, adaptable and flexible Occupational Health solutions. Their team truly are the specialists in providing on-site and off-site SEQOHS Safety Critical medicals. Their medical services include SEQOHS Safety Critical Medicals and Fit for Work Medicals. When your employees are healthy, you’ll discover that you get the results you desire quicker and that your workforce is happy, healthy, and motivated to do the job right and well.

While a lot of focus in construction is given towards safety, they believe that, in actuality, health is a key driver for reducing accidents. The company believes and wants to share more about why ‘Health Is The First Step Toward’s Safety.’ They strongly support the idea that when you are proactive to health, then this helps to reduce safety incidents.

Below is a list of services the company offers and how they can help you succeed in the construction industry:

The company wants to take a stand in shifting the industry away from just looking at the physical. K2A is promoting a construction industry focused on all-around health and improving the lives of construction workers in the UK. It’s not only about boosting physical health but also a strong focus on mental health. They help employers who want to improve performance and workplace safety realise that a safe and healthy workforce is more productive.

They invite you to visit their website to learn more about their occupational health services and how they can help your construction business and workers succeed. Get in touch to request a callback or consultation to start the conversation so they can begin to help you optimise employee wellness and health and reduce workplace injuries and improve overall well-being.

Benefits of Attending the Event & Visiting the K2A Booth

There are several benefits of attending UK Construction Week and visiting the K2A booth. You’re going to learn more about how occupational health services for employers in the construction business play a vital role in the construction business and the reason why health should be a top concern at your workplace. The healthier your employees and workers are, the fewer incidents and accidents will unfold, and the more productive you’ll be.

As an employer, you can learn and take in tips that will help you run a better and more efficient business. You can not only learn the importance of health and safety in the construction industry but also walk away with tips and best practices for improving this area of your business and workplace. You need your workers to be able to function to the best of their ability and not be distracted by aches and pains or mental health issues that may be present. It’s essential you address this matter at your workplace and get your workers the services and benefits they need to be and stay well.

Press enquiries can be directed to Eddie Kooiker at K2A by emailing him at or calling him at 0118 954 0047. Postal enquiries can be directed to Eddie at Arena Business Centre, 100 Berkshire Place, Wharfedale Road, Winnersh, RG41 5RD. To check out the K2A website, go to