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Japanese Knotweed Ltd Launches Environment Controls 

Japanese Knotweed Ltd (JKL) is expanding its services by launching a new sister brand called Environment Controls (EC). EC will do more to tackle the growing problem of invasive species in the UK, and effectively eradicate contaminated ground. By utilising extensive in-house skills, equipment and specialist knowledge, the launch of EC is a natural evolution for JKL.  

About Japanese Knotweed Ltd

Japanese knotweed Ltd was founded in 2010 and employs 60 staff including surveyors, technicians and excavation operatives. JKL is nationwide, serving as a trusted specialist in the identification, control, and eradication of Japanese knotweed. The business currently services over 7,000 customers with long-term herbicide contracts and carries out more than 200 excavations a year.  

About Environment Controls

Environment Controls is the sister-brand and a trading name of Japanese Knotweed Ltd (JKL). Environment Controls will provide specialist control services for Invasive Native and Non-Native Species (INNS), aquatic and amenity weed management and the removal of asbestos contaminated soils.  

Environment Controls provide specialist support services for homeowners, local authorities, leisure amenities, property management, construction & developers, utilities companies and environment bodies. 

A Natural Evolution for JKL 

Why create a new business?  

Specialist Advisory Manager, Darren Greatbatch spoke about the launch of Environment Controls saying: “The launch of Environment Controls is a natural evolution for JKL. We have the tools, the expertise and the knowledge to tackle the growing problem of invasive species with an approach that protects ecosystems.”  

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JKL’s core business continues to grow, and it will remain a focus into the future. This is very much an expansion of the business that is based on natural synergies that will allow JKL to target other invasive species more effectively.  

Benefitting From National Reach 

Thanks to the established relationships that JKL has cultivated over the years, it now operates nation-wide with contracts and excavations carried out throughout the UK.  

Environment Controls will be able to make use of JKL’s highly experienced and qualified teams to deliver the same level of trusted service for invasive species management that has gained JKL more than 1,000 five-star reviews for its core business. 

Responding to Increasing Threats 

Over the years, Japanese Knotweed Ltd have been tackling an increasing number of invasive species infestations – this has allowed the business to gain a wealth of experience and devise a range of treatment options for some of the most dangerous and invasive plants in the UK. 

The threats posed by invasive species are set to continue growing because of multiple external factors such as global warming and increased human movement.  

By launching Environment Controls, JKL can continue to develop the business to tackle the growing threat of invasive species.  

Specialist Control Services 

Under EC we offer the following 4 cores services

  • Invasive Species Control
  • Amenity Weed Management
  • Aquatic Weed Control
  • Contaminated Ground Removal

Taking Environmental Control 

The growing threat of invasive species is said to be the second largest risk to biodiversity after habitat destruction. 

Climate change is likely to trigger higher invasiveness in Europe during the next decades and without regular control measures in place, invasive weeds, both on land and water will change and deplete the habitat’s natural resources, creating difficulties for natural wildlife.  

This includes species that are already established in the wild (native species), but which continue to pose a conservation threat to native biodiversity and habitats, and species that have been introduced from other countries (non-native species) that spread, causing damage to the environment, the economy, our health, and the way we live. 

And finally, a message from the Directors…

“As we have learned over the years, the Japanese Knotweed Ltd name is a fantastic association for the company when dealing with just Japanese knotweed and has given us a preeminent place in the industry. Under this name we have grown to become arguably the largest dedicated knotweed company in the UK, with around 7000 customers and a very well recognised brand. However, a company name such as ours can also be counter-intuitive when wishing to expand the work we do with other invasive weeds and explore new market opportunities.

The creation of Environment Controls (as a new trading name, alongside Japanese Knotweed Ltd) is a mechanism to enable the company to expand its repertoire of services. Allowing us to sell and use our in-house skills much more than we can currently do, for work other than Japanese knotweed control.

Under Environment Controls we can utilise our existing and new learned knowledge to attract invasive weed works, amenity weed management opportunities, remove contaminated ground, and look to the future for options in invasive species control.

As with invasive weeds we have invested in staff training in numerous areas, as well obtaining new insurances that enable us to undertake these further work activities. One of these such activities is being able to deal with non-licensable asbestos works in soils, as part of our contaminated ground excavation services all to be sold under the umbrella of Environment Controls.

We are therefore very excited as to what Environment Controls can help us develop into and we are all looking forward to the future.”