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Is Now The Time To Invest Wisely In Roadworks?

With a suggested £4 billion in Roadworks Contracts, It is argued that now is the time to look at alternative solutions in the UK.

With Highways England Chief Executive, Jim O’Sullivan announcing an anticipated increase of roadworks contracting to reach £4 billion at the next review, there have been calls to ensure that there is a greater focus on alternative, environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions.

Phil Sutton, Managing Director of EconPro, the company that developed the award-winning DuraKerb range, an environmentally friendly roadside kerb made from recycled polymer, believes that serious focus needs to be shifted in order to benefit both the environment and the workers tasked with such an increase in activity.

DuraKerb, which has recently reached a major milestone of 400,000 kerbs installed in the UK, is one of a the few products tackling both environmental and health and safety concerns within our industry. “Jim O’Sullivan has highlighted the expected increase in expenditure on roadworks. They are doing a great job in ensuring road safety and we firmly believe, as I am sure they do, that the focus should be on what solutions are best for both the environment and for the safety of the workers tasked with the job of implementation. Environmentally friendly, health and safety conscious products are sustainable and proven cost effective.”

“The willingness of the government to continue to improve the road network is greatly encouraging, naturally, with that comes the challenges posed by congestion and disruption.  With the committed investment, we have the opportunity to lead the world in progressive roadworks thinking.”  Phil Sutton continued.  “Last year a study showed that British roads were the most congested in Europe with over 20,375 traffic hotspots compared to second placed Germany with only 8,517 (according to a survey carried out by data company Inrix).  Products such as DuraKerb and DuraDrain are significantly quicker to install than traditional products, meaning they are cost effective, but also as they are made from recycled materials have the added advantage of being considerably better for the environment. The speed of installation means that road disruption is kept to a minimum which will only help congestion at a time when the investment is on the increase whilst also reducing our impact on the environment.”